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The Evolution of #1887

By Mike Dailey

I found my Pantera in June of 1998 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The car had been well maintained and was mostly in stock condition with new paint and engine redone in 1991.  I found that the car has an interesting history.  

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#1887 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

GT5 hood cooling vents had been added and the original wheels had been replaced with 7" and 10" wide Weld wheels.  I wanted a car with stock wheels but the car was in super condition and I figured that new wheels would be in the future plans for the car.  The back space of the Weld wheels was incorrect making the wheels project outside of the fenders.  

Mikes Pantera 061398.jpg (77960 bytes)

The Pantera on the first day of ownership 

June 1998  The first order of business was detailing the car.  The car was very clean but there is always room for improvement.  The first major mechanical upgrade was changing the stock Ford rockers to Crane roller rockers and adjustable studs.  Next was replacing the tires.  The car had BFG 295/50/15 T/As on the back and BFG  205/60/15 on the front.  

Mikes Pantera 101098.jpg (77692 bytes)

New tires

October 1998  The tires were replaced with BFG HR305/50/15 Euro T/As on the back and BFG HR225/5015 Euro T/As on the front.  At this point,  I thought I would be able to locate a set of 8" and 10" wide Campagnolo wheels to go with the Euro T/A sometime in the future.     

mikes pantera back view.jpg (78484 bytes) 

New ANSA exhaust

December 1998  Next was replacing the ANSA exhaust system with a new ANSA system. A new exhaust system makes a great improvement on the image of a Pantera as the system is very visible.  The ANSA system was installed using the existing Hall Pantera headers.    

transaxle side.jpg (22889 bytes)

The ZF with new seals installed

January 1999 The ZF transaxle was removed and new seals installed and a new clutch was installed while the ZF was out.  The Holley carb was replaced.  

Mikes Pantera 071899.jpg (76848 bytes)

New front suspension

May 1999  The suspension of the car made creaking noises so the next step was rebuilding the suspension and installing new shocks.  I completed the front suspension first and removed the front spring shims to lower the front of the car with the idea that when the back suspension was rebuilt, the back spring shims would be removed too.

mikes valance home 1.JPG (77184 bytes)

New front valance

September 1999  I had the most expensive thing done so far, replacing the front valance.

mikes GT5 mirror 2.JPG (77288 bytes)

New Mirrors

February 2000  Replaced the Mustang style mirrors with Vitaloni mirrors that were used on the GT5 Pantera.  

Mikes Pantera 1126 1.jpg (70565 bytes)

New back suspension

November 2000  Rebuilding the back suspension and replacing the axle bearings with Timken roller bearings was the next step.  New half shafts were installed at the same time.  All of the coolant hoses were replaced and the wheels aligned.

Wheel Wizard 13.jpg (43488 bytes)

December 2000 Found some stock Campagnolo 8" and 7" wide wheels and had them refinished so the car would be complete with stock wheels.  I don't plan on using them because Z rated tires of the correct size are no longer available. 

Mikes Pantera 1421 3.jpg (78023 bytes)

New Pantera East wheels

January 2001  After the suspension was rebuilt my next step was upgrading the wheels.  I decided on Pantera East 16/8" wheels on the front and 17/11" wheels on the back.  It was a big and expensive step but the results were super.  I decided to use Dunlop SP Sport 8000 245/45/ZR16 on the front and 335/35/ZR17 on the back.

Mikes Pantera 022101 4.jpg (47970 bytes)

Black Rockers

February 2001 Painted rocker panels black.   All 1971 Panteras and most of the other years had black rocker panels.   For some reason when the car was repainted in 1991 the rocker panels were not painted black.  The black lower body area really improves the look of the car.

Cooling fan rebuild 13.jpg (54575 bytes) Cooling fan relay mod 2.jpg (127158 bytes) Headlight relay mod 12.jpg (62140 bytes)

Cooling Fan Motor -  Fan Relays -  Headlight Relays

May 2001  Refurbished one of the cooling fan motors, added a high output cooling fan motor and updated the cooling fan wiring with relays.  Added relays to off load the headlight current from the headlight switch and high/low beam switch to relays.     

Mikes AC 091701 8.jpg (68754 bytes) Mikes AC 091801 1.jpg (49820 bytes)

AC system refurbish and upgrade 

September 2001  Installed a new rotary AC compressor and refurbished the AC system.  Also added a AC pressure switch to shut down the AC if a malfunction occurs, e.g. condenser fan failure.

Mikes Pantera 042101 8.jpg (66797 bytes) Mikes Headliner 100501 25.jpg (43997 bytes)

New headliner

October 2001 Installed new Pantera East headliner and Euro disk type horns.

ICD 2001 14.jpg (50000 bytes)

November 2001  Received the "Peopleís Choice Award" at the 5th Annual Atlanta Italian Car Day.  Thank you Pantera East for outstanding Campy wheels!

Mikes lifters 2.jpg (72419 bytes)

December 2001 Replaced the old CompCams hydraulic lifters with new CompCams lifters.

Mikes hand brake 17.JPG (57713 bytes)

March 2002 Installed all of the missing handbrake parts including new Pantera Performance linkage mount, linkage, brake pads and a cable and it all works.

April 2002 Replaced a defective alternator and cleaned and re-undercoated the under body of the car.

Mikes cat whisker 17.JPG (49346 bytes)

May 2002  Replaced the window cat whiskers on the doors. 

Mikes Pantera 063002.JPG (54316 bytes)

June 2002  Purchased a PI MotorSport Group IV tail light kit but found that the umber colored parts of the lights clashed terribly with the scarlet brandy wine red color of the car.  I decided to stay with my stock lenses but detailed the light assemblies and replaced all of the light bulbs with the correct Euro units.  In August of 2002 I found some stock NOS lenses and I replaced the old lenses.

Mikes Pantera ac 070802 5.JPG (48334 bytes)

July 2002  Added a heater shut off valve to improve the A/C cooling.

Mikes back felt 8.JPG (56724 bytes)

September 2002  Replaced the back trunk liner felt

Mikes Pantera ICD 2002 small.JPG (100983 bytes)

October 2002  The "Peopleís Choice" de Tomaso class winner at the 2002, 6th annual, Atlanta Italian Car Day show.

Mikes bumper 1.JPG (63380 bytes)

February 2003  Replaced both back bumpers with a new matching set.

Merhia fan 5.JPG (56341 bytes)

May 2003  Replace cooling fans with Meriah fans.

Mikes OK plate.JPG (53823 bytes)

September 2003  I live in Georgia and own the State of Georgia "PANTERA" plate, but because my car was sold and lived most of its life in Oklahoma I found an original 1979 Oklahoma "PANTERA" plate. Itís great for car shows because it is correct for, circa 1979 when the car was in Oklahoma.  Imagine, what if this was the plate that was actually on the car in 1979!

ICD 2003 15.JPG (49833 bytes)

October 2003  The "Peopleís Choice" de Tomaso class winner at the 2003, 7th annual Atlanta Italian Car Day show.

KOCHWCG2.jpg (53302 bytes)

November 2003 Upgraded the power window motors and gear boxes to Ford Aerostar units.  Replaced the outside cat whiskers.

Mikes Pantera PI 2004 1.JPG (47000 bytes) Mikes Pantera PI 2004 2.JPG (47245 bytes) Mikes Pantera PI 2004 4.JPG (43470 bytes)

 Mikes Pantera PI 2004 3.JPG (47668 bytes) 

February 2004 The highlight of year 2004, the Pantera is featured in Pantera International magazine.

Mikes Pantera 070104.JPG (53360 bytes)

July 2004 The first person to the State License Department gets...... PANTERA!

Mikes wheel back.JPG (54115 bytes)

October 2004 New 2005 Pantera East billet wheels and new Dunlops.

March 2007 ANSA muffler updates 

Mikes Steering 2.JPG (129399 bytes)

March 2009 Rebuilt the steering column assembly

Mikes Ignition 4.JPG (123671 bytes)

March 2009 Repaired the ignition switch terminal

PE Koni 19.JPG (148138 bytes)

March 2009 Installed the Pantera East Koni coilover system 

VDO DSC03744.JPG (148407 bytes)

August 2009 fixed the oil pressure gauge

Key Chime 1.JPG (131136 bytes)

August 2009 replaced a defective key warning buzzer with chime unit

Pantera East bushing outside b.JPG (159754 bytes)

April 2010 replaced the polyurethane anti-sway bar bushings with Pantera East units

Pertronx 8.JPG (162998 bytes)

May 2010 Installed Pertronx Ignitor III and ignition relay.

Holley 650 3.JPG (143499 bytes)

June 2010 Changed out the Holley 600 carb for a Holley 650

Valve cover 13.JPG (150429 bytes)

June 2010 Installed new valve covers

MSD Wires 17.JPG (147286 bytes)

June 2010 Installed new MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Sparkplug wires 

Timing 6.JPG (138564 bytes)

July 2010 Setup the engine for timing at the flywheel and set the timing for improved engine performance 

Cooling Fan 1.JPG (136718 bytes)

July 2010 Balanced the cooling fan blade assemblies  

ZF 1.JPG (137815 bytes)

July 2010 Lubed the ZF selector

Carpet Dye 2.JPG (136782 bytes)

July 2010 Re-dyed the carpet

Shifter box 1.JPG (154048 bytes)

September 2010 Fixed the shifter rattle

Wiper motor cover 4.JPG (174271 bytes)

September 2010 Modified the windshield wiper motor cover for more wheel clearance

Dent Wizard 5.JPG (151494 bytes)

September 2010 Made a trip to the Dent Wizard

PI MotorSports Door Handle 9.JPG (120892 bytes)

October 2010 Installed new PI Motorsports door handle tubs

September 2011 Replaced headrest covers

January 2012 Replaced deck lid struts

February 2012 Installed a handsfree phone solution

March 2012 Installed new door opening weatherstrip

September 2012 Brake caliper rebuild

October 2012 seat rebuild