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MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Sparkplug Wires

By Mike Dailey

I recently upgraded my ignition system with a Pertronix Ignitor III and decided it might be a good idea to replace my twelve year old 8mm MSD wires.

MSD Wires 1.JPG (162083 bytes)

MSD 8.5mm Superconductor Sparkplug Wires that I used. The MSD part number is 31193 and they come in black or red. 

MSD Wires 2.JPG (134811 bytes) MSD Wires 3.JPG (117626 bytes)

View of the original wires and aluminum wire looms/connectors.   

MSD Wires 4.JPG (140508 bytes)

The first step was taking the wire looms off of the wires.

MSD Wires 5.JPG (102341 bytes)

I find it works best if you take off one wire at a time off and use it to determine the length of the new wire.  View of the first wire removed.  I usually start with number 1 and the go 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. 

MSD Wires 6.JPG (113313 bytes)

One critical item for the process, is dielectric grease to lube the ends of the wires or you will never be able to put the boots on.  This package was purchased at Advance Auto.    

MSD Wires 7.JPG (160922 bytes)

Carefully review the MSD instruction sheet.  Find the shortest wire in the kit that is long enough for number one and using the old wire cut the new wire to length.  I cut them about 1/2" longer to account for the insulation that will be cut off. This view shows the tool that comes in the kit that is used to measure and cut the insulation.  A old fashion razorblade with the metal back on it works great for making the cut.  

MSD Wires 8.JPG (160932 bytes)  

View of the crimping process using a small bench vice.  A very thin coat of dielectric grease on the metal part of the tool will make the crimping go easer. 

MSD Wires 9.JPG (162518 bytes)

View of the crimped end.  The kit comes with male and female ends.  My distributor uses male ends on the wires. 

MSD Wires 10.JPG (163712 bytes) MSD Wires 11.JPG (101786 bytes)

Next the connecter is bent into a 90 degree elbow and the boot slid over the end.  On subsequent wires I found it was easer to put the boot on after the wire end was on and bent.  But you must use dielectric grease. 

MSD Wires 12.JPG (147509 bytes) MSD Wires 13.JPG (148029 bytes)

The process continued one wire at a time until they were all swapped out.

MSD Wires 14.JPG (138507 bytes) MSD Wires 15.JPG (96693 bytes)

MSD makes some nifty snap together wire connectors and for my installation it required two packages.

MSD Wires 16.JPG (147936 bytes) MSD Wires 17.JPG (147286 bytes) MSD Wires 18.JPG (140597 bytes) MSD Wires 19.JPG (142078 bytes) 

The wires are inserted in the lower part of the connector and the top snaps over the top.

MSD Wires 20.JPG (154569 bytes) MSD Wires 21.JPG (163008 bytes)

The wire kit comes with some neat wire numbers and a tool to slide them over the wires. The parts come installed on the tool and you just slide them off onto the the wire.