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The 2003 Atlanta's 7th Annual Italian Car Day 

Saturday, October 4, 2003 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

By Mike Dailey

The Show

The 7th Annual Atlanta Italian Car Day was held at the beautiful Buford Dam Park, just one mile east of the Buford Dam power generating station off Buford Dam Road. The event site is north of Atlanta on the southern edge of scenic Lake Lanier. 

Registered Italian vehicles were eligible for an "Owner's Choice" trophy for the marque class and also the coveted "Best of Show" award.  Italian Motorcycles had their own class.  Each marque had an "Owner's Choice" award for 1st, 2nd and 3nd place.  Each registered owner voted for one car in each of the marques.  The 1st, 2nd and 3nd place awards were determine by the number of votes for each car.

The entry fee was $20 and include one catered Italian lunch and extra lunches were available for $8.  One raffle ticket was included for items provided by the sponsors.  The total cars in attendance was 135.

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The event coordinator was John Montgomery with the Fiat Lancia Unlimited Club.  Like always, John did an outstanding job with all the of the event details.  The amount of work that John does every year to make this a spectacular event is incredible.  Thank you John, for all you do for us!  You can send your thanks to John at: 

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Panoramic view of the event 

Official ICD Show Photos

The ICD photographer has his website setup to view the show photos taken in the lower lot at   You can view a thumbnail of your photo and order the photos from him.  The very last thumbnail has the pricing information.  His email address in on the main page.

Show Photos
 by de Tomaso Pantera owner Sam Bailey 

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The Peoples Choice Awards 

Marque and Place



Best of Show Alan & Janet Boe Ferrari 250 GTE
Alfa Romeo 1st  Julia Dolgetta GTV 2000
Alfa Romeo 2nd Tom Hart GTV
Alfa Romeo 3rd Carol Wagnon Alfa Jr. Zagato
de Tomaso 1st Mike Dailey Pantera
de Tomaso 2nd Andre Perry Pantera GT5
de Tomaso 3rd Jim Riseigno Pantera
Ferrari 1st Alan & Janet Boe 250 GTE
Ferrari 2nd Bob Winchell 330 GTC
Ferrari 3rd John Apen 275 GTB
Fiat 1st Bob Stanek 1500
Fiat 2nd Tim Vaccaro 131 Abarth Volumetrico
Fiat 3rd Brett Melancon X1/9
Lamborghini 1st Victo Woloschinow Countach
Lamborghini 2nd Vail Frost Espada
Lamborghini 3rd Vail Frost Countach
Lancia 1st Tom Sanor Fulvia
Lancia 2nd John Montgomery HPE
Lancia 3rd David Robinson Scorpion
Maserati 1st Ivan Ruiz Ghibli Spider
Maserati 2nd Dick Preston Mexico
Maserati 3rd Gary Farmer BiTurbo
Motorcycle 1st Ed Flanagan Moto Guzzi
Motorcycle 2nd Gary Hodgson Ducati 749
Motorcycle 3rd R.McKay Ducati Monster S4
Open Class 1st Bob Bowen Alfa 357 Ermeni
Open Class 2nd John Apen Italia
Open Class 3rd John Mayoue Iso Rivolta
Best Modified George Prieto Sr. Alfa Pickup

The De Tomaso Marque

The Pantera Line-up

ICD 2003 1.JPG (61969 bytes) ICD 2003 2.JPG (62784 bytes)

The line up of the eighteen awesome de Tomaso Panteras in attendance
(image on the left is from the front of the venue, on the right, is from the back)

The Panteras and Owner Names

ICD 2003 3.JPG (68297 bytes)
Right to Left
Mike & Pam Dailey
Bonnie and Mark Denton
ICD 2003 4.JPG (65281 bytes)
Right to Left
Michael and Sandy Sowers
Jay Curreri
Bill Grable
ICD 2003 5.JPG (62242 bytes)
Right to Left
Bill Grable
Wesley VanAlstyne
Bruce Nardoci
ICD 2003 6.JPG (68547 bytes)
Right to Left
Fred Terry
Jerry Pentaleri
Dick Koch
ICD 2003 7.JPG (66186 bytes)
Right to Left
Dick Koch (front of car)
Dan Hough
Sean Korb
Jim Riscigno
ICD 2003 8.JPG (68707 bytes)
Right to Left
Jim Riscigno (front of car)
Andre Perry
Danny Catt
ICD 2003 9.JPG (69530 bytes)
Right to Left
Howard Suddeth (blue car)
Don Head
Gabe Pascarella
ICD 2003 14.JPG (57266 bytes)
Brian Goellnicht
(The lone Mangusta, hidden among the Ferraris) 


The de Tomaso Owners and Cars
(Listed in order of registration)

Name City Car
Mike and Pam Dailey Atlanta, GA 1971 Pantera
Dick Koch Marietta, GA 1974 Pantera L
Bruce Nardoci Charlotte, NC 1973 Pantera L
Wesley VanAlstyne Atlanta, GA 1972 Pantera
Dan Hough Acworth, GA 1973 Pantera L
Howard Suddeth Duluth,  GA 1971 Pantera
Bonnie and Mark Denton Knoxville, TN 1972 Pantera GTS
Danny Catt Cumming, GA 1984 Pantera GT5
Jerry Pentaleri Greenville, SC 1974 Pantera L
Gabe Pascarella  Stone Mountain, GA 1972 Pantera
Bill Grable Alpharetta, GA 1972 Pantera 
Michael and Sandy Sowers Oak Hill, VA 1974 Pantera L
Don Head Lawrenceville, GA 1972 Pantera (Euro)
Sean Korb Raleigh, NC 1971 Pantera (push button)
Fred Terry Lutherville, MD 1987 Pantera GT5-S
Jim Riscigno Tallahassee, FL 1973 Pantera L
Andre Perry Acworth, GA 1981 Pantera GT5
Jay Curreri Mechanicsburg, PA 1972 Pantera
Brian Goellnicht Duluth, GA 1969 Mangusta

Rare Panteras

There were two rare GT5 Panteras in attendance owned by Andre Perry and Danny Catt and one rare GT5-S owned by Fred Terry.  It is not often that you see three of these awesome and rare cars in the same place at a car show.

The Caravan to Atlanta 

ICD 2003 102.JPG (88752 bytes)

Fred Terry (on the left) and Andre Perry 

Fred Terry organized a caravan of five Panteras from MD, PA, VA and NC to Atlanta.  The caravan members formed up along the way and stayed in Charlotte, NC Thursday night.  Bruce Nardoci organized the hotel arrangements for the group in Charlotte. The caravan included a number of other Pantera owners without their Panteras.  The caravan picked up two Panteras in NC and continued on to Atlanta terminating at the Holladay Inn Select in north Atlanta.  Dick and Joann Koch and Mike and Pam Dailey met the group at the hotel Friday night for introductions, car talk and dinner for fifteen people at the Cheese Cake Factory .  We all had a great time and it is wonderful to meet all the fine people the de Tomaso marque brings together.  Thank you Fred and Bruce for organizing the great Pantera adventure.  Everyone made the trip to Atlanta and back home without car problems.

The Caravan to The Venue 

Early Saturday morning Panteras started arriving at the Atlanta Donut Derelict's donut shop for the annual caravan to the ICD venue.  Like always it was an awesome sight and sound experience to see all the Panteras arriving at daybreak!

ICD 2003 13.JPG (61707 bytes)

The caravan of exotics included one beautiful black Maserati, one Alfa and one Ferrari. The caravan is fun and the long string of exotic cars cruising up Peachtree Industrial to the show is impressive.  The caravan departed the Donut shop at 8:15 and arrived at the venue around 9:00.      

The de Tomaso Awards

ICD 2003 15.JPG (49833 bytes)

The awards were wood plaques with a plastic window with the show name in the top section and a brass plate on the lower section inscribed with the marque information.  

Award Name City Car Color
First Place Mike Dailey Atlanta, GA 1971 Pantera Red
Second Place Andre Perry Acworth, GA 1981 GT5 Red  
Third Place Jim Riscigno Tallahassee, FL 1973 Pantera L Red

ICD 2003 182.JPG (76934 bytes) ICD 2003 184.JPG (72089 bytes) ICD 2003 183.JPG (75380 bytes) ICD 2003 185.JPG (40281 bytes)

From left to right - Event coordinator, John Montgomery (on the right) presents Jim Riscigno his award - Jim Riscigno - Andre Perry - Mike Dailey.

Thank you, to all the de Tomaso owners that attended the show with their cars and also to all the owners that supported the show by traveling many miles to Atlanta without their P cars.  See you all next year!

ICD 2003 203.JPG (64881 bytes)

The End!