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 Atlanta Donut Derelicts News

We've been stopping by the Atlanta Donut Derelicts since the very first meet. 

The Atlanta Donut Derelicts was started in November of 2000 by some Atlanta car enthusiasts that thought it would be neat to have a morning car event.  There is no agenda, no one is in charge, it's not a car club, no membership, no fees, just talk cars, eat donuts and show your latest creation. 

The Atlanta meet is loosely modeled after the Southern California car guys (and gals) that meet every Saturday am in Huntington Beach (called the "Donut Derelicts") to hang out with their cars and scoff down a few Donuts.  Jay Leno occasionally shows up with one of his cars at the LA "Donut Derelicts".  I doubt if Jay will ever show-up in Atlanta, but you never know about car nuts!.  

"Donut Derelicts" Print and Radio Media Coverage

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Bruce Kennedy, Senior News Producer for WABE 90.1 FM radio attended the November 23, 2002 meet to cover ADD for his radio news show.  His coverage included interviews with the car owners and sound bites of the cars running.  The six minute segment aired on WABE November 25th through the 26th, 2002.  Listen to an archive of the WABE broadcast (1.4 meg WMA format) Learn more about WABE at          

Cars of the Atlanta Donut Derelicts 

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