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Pantera East Wheels

By Mike Dailey

After much deliberation between Campagnolo 15" wheels in the  8" and 10" width and large wheels, I decided that the best solution for the long term was to go with larger wheels and take advantage of the Z rated tires readily available for the 16" and 17" wheels.  The stock Campagnolo 15" wheels in the  8" and 10" width really looked good to me but the very limited tire selection eventually killed the idea.

I looked at many 16" and 17" wheel options, many different vendors and decided that the Pantera East Campagnolo reproduction wheel along with their friendly helpful service was the best solution.  Pantera East developed the wheel design and the wheels are made for them by Boyd Coddington Wheels.  Boyd Coddington is a major player in the custom wheel world.  I decided on the 16"X8" wheel for the front and the 17"X11 for the back.   I went with the 16" on the front as I didn't want the size of the wheel to over power the car.      

Pantera East 16"X8" Campagnolo Reproduction Wheel

PE wheels 1.jpg (57215 bytes)  PE wheels 2.jpg (62246 bytes)  PE wheels 3.jpg (56786 bytes)

View of a stock (and freshly refinished) 8" Campagnolo wheel with the Pantera East 16"X8" wheel.  The 16" wheel looks like a slightly larger, highly polished Campagnolo wheel.  

PE wheels 4.jpg (58654 bytes)  PE wheels 5.jpg (59922 bytes)  PE wheels 6.jpg (53943 bytes)

View of a stock 8" Campagnolo wheel with the Pantera East 17"X11" wheel.  The 17" wheel looks like a highly polished Campagnolo wheel but somewhat stretched in the center section.

PE Wheels 7.jpg (60473 bytes)  PE wheels 8.jpg (60674 bytes)  PE wheels 9.jpg (54414 bytes)

View of the 16" and 17" Pantera East wheels side-by-side.

PE wheels 10.jpg (61795 bytes)  PE wheels 11.jpg (58886 bytes)

Close-up view of the 16" and 17" Pantera East wheels.  The wheels are shown as they looked right out of the box.  The polish and workmanship is outstanding.  The super polish of the wheels make it hard to photograph them and get the true image of the wheel.  They are absolutely beautiful!  You can contact Pantera East at  or call them at 727-381-1151.