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Pantera East Anti-sway Bar Bushings

By Mike Dailey


Pantera East (MAP Enterprises) has developed what many call the Pantera super anti-sway bar bushing.  They are available for the front and rear anti-sway bars and come in different sizes depending on the anti-sway bar used.  What makes the bushings different from the other bushings available on the market is the internals.  The bushings come in a set for the outside and inside position on the bar.  

View of the outside bushing.  Note the grooves formed on the inside that hold the bushing lube and the hole in the top that could be used to externally lube the bushing.  

 Pantera East bushing outside a.JPG (155359 bytes) Pantera East bushing outside b.JPG (159754 bytes)

View of the inside bushing.  Note the groove formed on the inside that holds the busing lube.  

 Pantera East bushing inside a.JPG (151583 bytes) Pantera East bushing inside b.JPG (158146 bytes)

The bushings come with the Pantera East special lube that is the slipperiest and sickest stuff I've ever seen.

Pantera East bushing lube.JPG (102610 bytes)


Pantera East (MAP Enterprises) can be contacted at 727-381-1151