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Dent Wizard - Unique Auto Appearance, Inc

By Mike Dailey

No matter how careful you are with your Pantera, there is always a dent that is just waiting to attach itself to your car.  In my case I was working on my distributor through the back hatch window opening while leaning on the roof section. I always pad the top with a bunch of towels, but a few days later I noticed a small ding in the roof.  I remembered Id dropped a wrench and apparently it made a ding. 

Ive used the Dent Wizard that does paintless dent removal to have other cars repaired so I thought they might be able to take the dent out.  As luck would have it, the dent was very close to the back edge of the headliner on the passenger side.  They were able to peel the headliner back a bit and in a very short time worked the dent out.  It is really an amazing process!  There is absolutely no evidence that the dent ever existed.

It worked so well that a few weeks later I had them remove two vertical outward facing creases that have been in my right front fender since I got the car.  They were behind the wheel opening and I had always wondered how they happened.  While I was working on the windshield wiper cover project I realized that at some time in the cars life, the cover had been forced against the fender by the wheel causing the creases.  It was truly stunning to see how the Dent Wizard could gently tap the creases down and make them completely disappear.   

Dent Wizard 1.JPG (148179 bytes) Dent Wizard 2.JPG (143692 bytes) Dent Wizard 3.JPG (154209 bytes)

The Dent Wizard I used is located at 5717 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Chamblee, GA 30341 Phone 770-936-3070.  This Dent Wizard franchise is owed by Unique Auto Appearance, Inc. 

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The owner of Unique Auto Appearance, Inc., Scott Dombrowsky demonstrating how dents are typically removed.    

 Dent Wizard 7.JPG (151063 bytes)

The results of the crease removal.  There is absolutely no hint that the creases were ever there even in the most reflective lighting.

Dent Wizard 8.JPG (154315 bytes) Dent Wizard 9.JPG (149914 bytes)

Here is another example of a before and after crease removal.  In the first image there is a slight crease extending from the front top corner of the door handle frame that extends vertically up the door. My door handle frames were cracked and while I had them out, I had the Dent Wizard fix the crease and a thumb type dent that was above the passenger side handle. 

Bodywork and paint work usually takes a few days.  Depending on the dent, it can be much faster and better to just remove the dent and maintain your original paint quality.  But, for those bad scratches or crunches Unique Auto Appearance offers bodywork and painting too. They also do window tint, detailing and much more.   

The Dent Wizard Unique Auto Appearance, Inc., 5717 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, Chamblee, GA 30341 Phone 770-936-3070.