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Windshield Wiper Motor Cover Modification 

By Mike Dailey

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After installing my new Pantera East Koni coilovers and lowering the front of the car a bit, I found that the under certain types turning situations, e.g. into driveways, that the tire could contract the windshield wiper motor cover.

Wiper motor cover 1.JPG (144684 bytes)

View of the modified cover.  This view would be from the bottom of the cover looking up.

Wiper motor cover 2.jpg (237570 bytes)

Line showing the area that was removed and the vertical front piece reshaped for clearance.

Wiper motor cover 3.JPG (136362 bytes)

Inside view showing the floor area that was cutout and then the front piece was reformed and tack welded.

Wiper motor cover 4.JPG (174271 bytes)

View showing the new clearance between the cover and the tire with the wheel turned so it is closest the the cover.  My final test was done by driving the part way into a driveway with the right front wheel turned so it would be positioned closest to the cover.  This was done on a drive way ramp that would cause the right front coilover to bottom on its snubber with maximum movement.