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The New 2005 Pantera East Billet Wheels

By Mike Dailey

Pantera East has been producing high quality and beautiful Campagnolo look wheels for the Pantera for many years.  During that time there have been a few changes in the wheel design resulting in the latest evolution, the 2005 wheel design.  The new billet wheel design incorporates an angle change between the two slot area that duplicates the design feature used in the original Campagnolo wheel.  The angle change is accomplished by machining the area around the main pentagon deeper.  There is a change on the 16" wheel so that the nub on the single slot is smaller and angles into the wheel rim.  All areas of the wheel are now fully polished including the two slot area.. 

2005 PE Wheel 2.JPG (57212 bytes) 2005 PE Wheel 3.JPG (58529 bytes)

Images of the new and old billet wheel designs. The image on the left shows the new 17" X 11" back wheel before installation.  The image on the right is the 16" X 8" wheel.   

2005 PE Wheel 5.JPG (58193 bytes) 2005 PE Wheel 4.JPG (50804 bytes) 

Close-up image of the 17" wheel on the left and the 16" on the right.  Note the smaller nubs on the 16" wheel and the angle change in the two slot area on both wheels.

2005 PE Wheel 6.JPG (53988 bytes) 2005 PE Wheel 7.JPG (53247 bytes)

2005 PE Wheel 8.JPG (58028 bytes) 2005 PE Wheel 9.JPG (58037 bytes)

Images of the new wheels installed with new Dunlop Sport 8000 245/45ZR16s on the front and 335/35/ZR17s on the back.

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