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Balancing Cooling Fans

By Mike Dailey

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Ever since I installed my Meriah cooling fans I've had a very slight vibration that I could feel in the body of the car when they were running, especially when they were both running.  I decided that something had to be slightly out of balance.  I removed  the fan blades from the motors and found that they were slightly out of balance.  

Cooling Fan 1.JPG (136718 bytes)

I used a couple of small boxes, thin wood strips and a shaft that fit snugly through the blade hub as a balance jig.  I was able to determine that the blade assembly was heaver on one side.     

Cooling Fan 2.JPG (155732 bytes)

I used some stuck on thin lead used for balancing ceiling fans to balance the assembly.  The balance process takes awhile and I used masking tape to stick the weight on and kept cutting it smaller until it was balanced. 

It only took a very small amount of weight to balance them, and now they both run very smooth.