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Lubing the ZF Selector

By Mike Dailey

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One of the ZF maintenance items that often gets over looked is the selector mechanism.  The selector mechanism is located inside of the box located on the back driver side of the ZF. 

ZF 1.JPG (137815 bytes)

The selector cover is held on with five bolts, two at the top and three along the bottom.

ZF 2.JPG (153425 bytes) ZF 3.JPG (146379 bytes)

View of the old grease. Nasty! 

ZF 4.JPG (141717 bytes) ZF 5.JPG (122942 bytes) ZF 6.JPG (137986 bytes)

My reverse light switch was missing the cover, so I cleaned it, made a new cover from aluminum sheet and super glued it in place.

ZF 7.JPG (162139 bytes) ZF 8.JPG (148979 bytes)

I wiped out all the old grease with paper towels and replaced it with multi-purpose grease.