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Installing Pantera Horns

By Mike Dailey

The low tone horn on my Pantera has been working intermittently for years so I decided to replace both of the stock trumpet type horns with disk type horns.   I've always thought that the stock Pantera horns sounded like a typical old American car rather than the Euro sound that it is more appropriate for the car's heritage.  The disk type horns that I found provide a very distinctive loud Euro sound.

Mikes horns 1.jpg (62951 bytes) 

The Pantera horns are located in the passenger side front wheel well in front of the tire.

Mikes horns 2.jpg (53982 bytes)

By turning the front wheels fully to the right the horns and mounting bolts can be accessed.  My car was never modified with wheel well splash covers but on many cars it will need to be remove to access the horns.  The mounting bolts and horns can be seen in front of the wheel. 

Mikes horns 4.jpg (47761 bytes)

View of the original horns removed.  Each horn has a single wire with a slide on connecter for power and use the horn frame for ground.   The power wire is daisy chained between the two horns.  

 Mikes horns 3.jpg (54543 bytes)

The horns I used are Blazer brand BH102LC (low tone) and BH102HC (high tone).  I purchased them at AutoZone for $9.99 each.

Mikes horns 5.jpg (51181 bytes)

View of the old and new horns.  The horns come with mounting hardware and a jumper wire and terminal for the ground connection.  The horns are plated so I decided not to paint them. 

Mikes horns 6.jpg (61795 bytes)

View of the installed horns.  The horns are mounted with the disk side facing down.  They have a pleasant but very loud Euro sound.