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Trunk Liner Felt

By Mike Dailey

September 23, 2002

The back trunk liner felt on my Pantera is fairly new, but the previous owner used a precut felt kit that did not fit the early liner used on my Pantera.  The early liners did not have a place for a spare and the felt just did not flow around the liner correctly.  Replacing the felt is best left to an expert upholstery person because of the many compound curves and understanding how to cut each part to fit correctly.        

I've decided to use Long's Upholstery Shop, Inc shop in Alpharetta ,Georgia 770-457-7315.  They had done some other upholstery work for me in the past and do a great job. 

Mikes back felt 1.JPG (26204 bytes) Mikes back felt 2.JPG (26342 bytes)

Mikes back felt 3.JPG (73498 bytes)

View of the trunk before the re-felting, showing how the felt did not fit correctly.  In this image I've pulled up some of the felt along the edges to examine how it is attached.  

September 24, 2002

I delivered the trunk to Long's Upholstery shop today. 

Mikes back felt 5.JPG (67654 bytes)

The owner of the shop, Gary Long surveying the project.  It take some time to determine the best way to fit all of the pieces together.  

Mikes back felt 4.JPG (64431 bytes) 

View of the trunk with most of the felt removed.  Note the piece on the back of the liner that covers the condenser is a separate molded black plastic piece and it is pop riveted to the liner.  The fiber glass on the liner is cut away around the edges of the plastic part.  Only the early trunk liners were built this way.    

September 26, 2002

I picked up the completed trunk today and the total cost of Gary's work was only $165.

Mikes back felt 6.JPG (44307 bytes)

View of the complete felt installation in the trunk liner.

Mikes back felt 7.JPG (44655 bytes)

View of the trunk with the front weather seal installed and test fitting of the latch cover that goes on the back part of the trunk.  This latch cover was only used on the early trunks.

Mikes back felt 8.JPG (56724 bytes)

View of the trunk liner installed. What an outstanding improvement!