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What's cool about the de Tomaso Pantera?   It only has two seats and you're sitting in the left one!  The sleek smooth proflile from any angle!   A 351 Cleveland V8 engine that can be as big and bad as you want it to be!  The Pantera sound setting off car alarms as you pass by!   All five speeds in perfect close ratio!  Zero to sixty in 4.5 seconds!  The fading image of a Ferrari in the rearview mirror!  God bless Mr. de Tomaso for all that he has bestowed on us!

II sito della Pantera - La Pantera Place - El sitio della Pantera - O lugar da Pantera -
- Den Pantera Sted - De Pantera Plats - Die Pantera Ort - Ο τόπος Pantera

In memory of

Alejandro de Tomaso - 1928-2003
Tom Tjaarda - 1934-2017

Pantera #1887
(HD video frame by Jeff Dailey) 

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Updated March 21, 2024

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