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Dear Mr. Dailey

I like your website very much and the way it takes the viewer through the history and evolution of the Pantera. I say evolution because these cars were built to 1970 quality standards using technology available at the time. Today I see many of these cars rebuilt and updated especially in the wheel and tire aspect which transforms the Pantera into a quality automobile. Engineer Dallara devised a valid mechanical layout for the car, but the tire technology was marginal at best when the car was launched on the market in 1970 and the lack of road holding grip could get inexperienced drivers into scary situations very quickly.

This year is the 30th anniversary of the Pantera. Also this year Ford decided to close down the GHIA design studios where the Pantera was born. Actually they are reducing the structure to around five designers operating "virtual" modeling, that is no more models, prototypes or cars one can actually see and touch. This is a pity but reflects todays design mentality regarding concept cars. However even if the design process is getting more electronic it is ironic that more and more "retro" type concept cars are showing up on the international auto show circuit. We may even see a retro Mangusta or Pantera someday!

Alejandro DeTomaso spent ten years at Ghia and put together a great list of cars during his ownership. The Vallelunga, then the Giugiaro designed Maserati Gibli, the Mangusta plus many other show cars by that great designer and then the Pantera, Deauville, Longchamp era and even the first Ford Fiesta production car. DeTomaso was, and still is, a rather eccentric and difficult type but was full of ideas and had ten things going on at once which maybe two would be terminated. You had to know the man well but it was a lot of fun to working together with him.

This year I have been invited to participate in "Le Belle Macchine d'Italia" gathering in Philadelphia during the last week-end of June. Hope to see some of you there and of course during the Pebble Beach festivities during August.

Congratulations again on your interesting website and thank you for getting in touch with me.

With sincere regards


Pantera is a GREAT site!  I recently fulfilled a dream and bought #4033, a late 72 Yellow pre-L Pantera. This is the car that was featured in the 1987 movie, "Banzai Runner." Anyway, I wanted to let you know that your site was a tremendous resource to me in my Pantera education. I could not have purchased with the confidence I did if it were not for the valuable information, pictures, detail and organization found within the pages of your site. 

I believe your car to be one of the finest Pantera's in the country.

Garth Rodericks

Mike, I was recently visiting a site called "" when I stumbled upon a thread about "Awesome Forgotten Cars" or something to that effect. I was curious, so I was forced to check it out.

I opened the link, and there was a picture of this gorgeous car; Pantera #1887. I've always had a soft spot for the Pantera. It is absolutely stunning. In fact, I was so moved by the picture that I haven't been able to get it out of my mind all day.

I recall one day when I was driving my 94 V8 Camaro and a red Pantera pulled up alongside of me. It was drop-dead gorgeous. It was at that moment that I had decided that some day I would have to own a Pantera. Unfortunately, that day has not yet come to pass.

I think it's a real shame that the Pantera has been forgotten by such a great number of people. This is without a doubt, one of the boldest designs ever to make its way out of Italy in my opinion. There are no words that even begin to do the Pantera justice. I guess, to sum it up in simple terms, I want to say that the Pantera simply has more soul than James Brown and Aretha Franklin put together.

Your car has become an inspiration for me to work that much harder so one day I can walk out my front door and find my own Pantera sitting in the driveway begging to be driven.

Dan Oldham

Mike, I recently purchased #2335 after having wanted a Pantera since I first saw one in the early 70's (common fixation among current owners I'm sure). I spent lots of time on your site learning about the cars first; your efforts in building the site were of exceptional value to me in my search and have proven even more valuable since I got the car.

My neighbors have noticed that Pantera sound and actually have come over to complement it. That distinctive sound is usually accompanied by the sound of me giggling profusely with a big grin as I pull out of the driveway for a spin! I have always viewed the Pantera as art on wheels (shames those old Porsche 911 posters). Now I can safely say that it is highly functional art, and a serious kick in the pants to drive!

Thank you so much for all of the time you have put into this site. You are contributing to the preservation of these beautiful cars on a grand scale and the Pantera community owes you a big thank you for your efforts. If not for your site, I can honestly say I would probably not have had enough information to feel comfortable in purchasing my Pantera.

Thanks for all your hard work !!!
Jamie Walter

Mike, Words can not express the thanks I have for the web site that you have produced. There can't be a private website in existence that is a thorough as yours. It has been the first resource that I go to whenever I begin examining anything about my car.
Bruce McColley

Mike, Found your site cruising the web. It is simply fantastic. I have a '73 Pantera also (as well as 2 Shelbys). Keep up the great work.
Doug Waschenko

Your site is first class!  My Complements.
Kirk Evans --- AmeriSport

Hi Mike, Thanks for your countless hours building and maintaining the site.   It is in a word . . . great; most informative and entertaining.  Your car is beautiful.  It proves once again that the best-looking Panteras are stock or near stock.  We welcomed our baby, 7370, on 12/08/82, one bright spot in a sad day, the day the world lost Marty Robbins
Phyllis Hardy

Hey Mike, I just wanted to drop you a line and say how awesome your website is!!!  I'm am totally addicted to your website... I think so far.. I've been on it every day for the last two weeks!!!  Your site is incredible.  I'm looking into the car now, like you after wanting one for awhile.  Your car is incredible, and I almost decided I needed to have my future car look like yours, but I've always been partial to black on my vehicles. Although I have to say that looking at your car for the last two weeks and counting, I almost thought that your color was for me.

I really don't think that I want to go through all the upgrades necessary to bring the car up to date. My preference is to buy a car with everything done and keep it up myself, like the claybar treatment you talk about etc.

Anyway, just wanted to say how much I appreciate you taking the tremendous amount of time it takes to put together a site as incredible as yours!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless America,
Andy Orts

Great web site! I have been a fan of the Pantera since the car first appeared in Ď71. A highlight of my early teen years was sitting in a Pantera in a Lincoln Mercury dealership while my dad wheeled and dealed over the purchase of his Ď73 Mercury Monterey. Perhaps someday Iíll have a chance to take one for a spin.

I came across your site while searching the web for information on the 351 Cleveland engine. I have a 1970 Ford Torino GT with the 4V engine that I will be restoring / modifying. I appreciate the detailed information on your site.

I am wondering if there would be a way to obtain a copy of the "Pantera Sound" WAV file on your site. I would love to have that be the sound that accompanies the boot up of my computer!!!

Barry Madden
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Hey Mike, You're site is too cool!  I send everyone who is thinking about a Pantera there to start their learning process.  Thanks for putting in the work!

More later,
Jack Tunnell

Mike, your site is so very impressive, I had to take the time out to Email you. The information it possesses is unparalleled. For example, your article about corrosion. No where have I found such detail and as illustrated. Truly, your site far exceeds anything else in Panteras, as a one stop place to visit.

My hatís off to you.
Randall J.Thomas

Just a short note to thank you for all the help your web site has provided me while doing my research before buying a Pantera.  It gave me valuable information not only on upgrades and modifications but also on what to look out for while buying.  The support that you and your website bring to the Pantera community is unbelievable.  I now own a beautiful rust free car that I will enjoy for a long time.  Thank you so much for your time and effort on such a super website!!   It is greatly appreciated by many. 
Cliff Zsevc

Mike, I really enjoy your site, I can't imagine how much time you must spend updating it so regularly!  I keep it bookmarked at home and here at work - seems like I'm forever opening it up to show somebody something, or for my own edification.
Thanks again for providing such a valuable resource to us all!
Bob Fluty

(Note: A response to a comment that I made about the value of Panteras increasing. Mike) 
Mike, personally I do believe they should be higher in price. But I'm just a wannabe yet!  I consider you the (Alan Greenspan) of the Pantera world. In all due respect please be cautious what you say. ( I'm almost there). 
With the most Respect,

Thank YOU for being so selfless, creative and hard working to create, maintain and share this wonderful site with the WORLD!  That is awesome.
 Dan Miller 

PI member Mike Dailey of Atlanta, Georgia has launched one of the most influential and content heavy DeTomaso sites on the web. Mike also writes a column for Pantera International reviewing other noteworthy sites on the web. 
Dave Adler

You continue to do a great job on the website.  I think it's an invaluable resource for every P-car owner.
Jim Gray

I downloaded your Pantera WAV file back in 2/00 and put in on a CD.  I listened to the CD daily for almost three months before I found my car.
Jim Kucera

Iíve just been browsing around your awesome website, your car looks so cool! ... and your website is jam packed with information, great work!!!  Thanks for providing so much information to Pantera enthusiasts ...
Laslo Antal

Iím currently undergoing a valance panel restoration on #2428. Thanks to your superb website, Mike, the project is turning out to be a success! The valance panel section on the Pantera Place website increased my confidence by ensuring that I was following as many steps as what had been done on your car. I should be done putting on the reconstructed valance panel by next week. Finally, you made the comment that:  "... most Panteras need a new valance.  My Pantera is now the exception to that rule!!"  Ahem...better include my Pantera somewhere in that statement!
Proud owner #2428.
Cal Eustaquio

I just checked out the valance replacement page on Mike Daileyís web site ( and was absolutely stunned. To think that one of our own would devote so much time, energy and talent to create and disseminate such helpful technical information is completely mind boggling!  I donít know whether or not I need to perform this task on my car (I surely hope not!), but if need be, this site would be of invaluable help. My hatís off to you Mike.
Doug Kelm

I'm really pumped! The Pantera is such an awesome mix of Italian style and beauty, with the unmistakable authority of a good-ole American butt-kicking V-8. God Bless Mr. De Tomaso!
Kindest Regards,
Randy Jackson

Your site is becoming the best source of information for DeTomaso owners/fans. Good job.
Scott Black

Congratulations on the popularity and effectiveness of your website.
Warmest regards,
Chuck Engles

Happened to be surfing the web and took a look at your site. Boy, it has really grown and looks great.  Seems like you have definitely caught the bug.  What I was particularly impressed by was your site's no nonsense (and not too complicated) section on "how to fix things" I wish it was around when I had #1887.
Anyhow good luck.
Drew  Altemara  (Note: Drew is the previous owner of my Pantera #1887)

I like your web page. Is your car for sale?
Perry Pitrone

That is a great web sight of yours.  I'm impressed.
Thanks again.
Lee Fruzza

I just wanted to tell you that I really like your website. I've seen a lot of Pantera websites, but yours is the best. I do not own a Pantera myself, but I have Pantera Fever and I continue to learn as much as I can. The pictures of your car are absolutely beautiful! I liked them so much that I made one of the side views my Windows Desktop Wallpaper. (I hope you don't mind.)  Thanks for sharing your automotive treasure with the public.
Scott Palucki

Just wanted to mention the Vegas photos are great!!
Fran DiCarlo

Your site was a wealth of information when I first decided to get a Pantera, it helped me very much...and still does to this day.   So keep up the good work...Please!
Tom Dupart

You're doing a great job on your Web page. It looks great and contains some very useful and entertaining information. Keep up the good work!
Mark Shields

Just want to drop a note and thank you for putting together such a fabulous webpage. I've been enjoying your site for some time now but you've out done yourself with the recent Vegas pics. Nice job!!
Thanks again,
Ray Santiago

Good job with the photos and web site. My wife and I have made the event (POCA 2000) for the last 12 years and this one was one of, if not the best for us. Keep up the good work.
Jim Fusco

This is too cool! Thanks for doing this, I'll be sending folks to your web page that wonder what the display on Fremont was like. It was good to meet you in Vegas and I hope you had as much fun as I did....
Mike Cox

You sure have created a great site not only for a P car novice like me but I'm sure the vets like it too.

Your web site is very nice. It's clean and easy to read with lot's of good information.
Mike Booker

I love your Pantera webpage!!...Love your car as well!!... Thanks for setting up such a great webpage on Panteras!.. .There are very few good ones on the web...Take care. A Fellow Pantera fanatic!

First... let me thank you for all the effort you are putting forward on behalf of the Pantera community... It is nothing short of FABULOUS... and I kniow everyone who has viewed your site is impressed... PanteraPlace is going to become the defacto Pantera info site... what else can I say other than a big THANKS MIKE!!! Thanks for giving me my own page... now let me see if I can think of the music that I wanted to go along with it and see if you have it and if you would be so kind as to drop it in!!  Thanks again Mike... you guys are the BEST!!!
Don Murray