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The ANSA Exhaust System and Hall Pantera Headers 


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This Pantera exhaust system consists of Hall Pantera "big bore" headers and stock ANSA pipes and mufflers .  Very short exhaust pipes connect from the big bore Hall Pantera headers to the mufflers.  The headers and exhaust system along with the aggressive cam overlap in the 351 Cleveland  give the Pantera the distinctive "Pantera sound". 

Getting the ANSA exhaust pipes installed so they are at the exact same height and angle is not easy!  Many thanks goes to the guys at Meineke Mufflers in Atlanta with their help to get the pipes looking just right! 

Click to listen to a twenty-eight second sound bite of the "Pantera Sound".  This file is an 176kbps mono sound file of the Pantera at its best.  This sound file was made when I was running the original ANSA muffler system in 1998 and before I installed the expensive brand new ANSA system.  The car is much quiter with the new mufflers.  

The sound file was made by video taping the car while it was running, playing the video in a stereo VCR,  recording the sound with a PC at CD quality and then converting the file to an 8k mono file that was small enough to down load.  The 8k mono file decreases some of the original sound depth and richness but you'll get the idea!   If you would like to save a copy of this sound file on your own computer, "right click" on the link and then click "Save Target As" and then save the file to your computer.