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The Pantera Place Website Mission

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After wanting a Pantera for decades, starting in 1996 I spent about two years looking for my dream Pantera. During that time I spent many hours on the web looking for information on the de Tomaso sites. This site was created so I could give some thanks to all the other Pantera website creators and possibly be a new resource for someone on the hunt for the elusive Panther.  The hunt for the Panther was a great journey, but the capture was only the beginning! 

This website is dedicated to Alejandro de Tomaso (1928 - 2003), the manufacturer of the Pantera, Tom Tjaarda, the designer of the Pantera and Giampaolo Dallara, the engineer for the the mechanical systems.  Thank you all for creating such a beautiful, exotic and timeless machine.  See note from Tom Tjaarda.

Some significant credit should also go to Lido Anthony Iacocca for his Italian performance car vision and getting Ford in the Pantera deal with de Tomaso.  

Many thanks goes to my loving wife Pam, for putting up with my Pantera obsession. 

Mike Dailey

Pantera Translation

Pantera translated from Italian to English is Panther:

Panther 1: a large spotted feline of tropical America similar to the leopard; in some classifications considered a member of the genus Felis 2: a leopard in the black color phase 3: large American feline resembling a lion.

The Pantera Place Website Information 

Website Overview

The Pantera Place website was launched February of 2000.  The site is hosted at a business class web hosting company located in Atlanta, Georgia and runs on network of Linux servers.  The site is published using Microsoft Expression Web 4 and is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0,  browsers.  Some of the features used on this site may not be compatible with all web browsers, e.g. scrolling banners. 

The images and videos presented on the Pantera Place should be viewed with your computer monitor in high color (16 bit or 24 bit) mode or higher to obtain the best color depth.  The quality of the Pantera sound files may very depending on the quality of your sound card and speaker system.

The site visitors make 900 to 1500 page views per day from all over the world.  As far as we know the Pantera Place is the largest and most extensive de Tomaso Pantera website in the world.  

The de Tomaso Name 

The Pantera Place is not associated with the de Tomaso factory, the de Tomaso family or with the Pantera trademark.   The Pantera Place is just a hobby website that got a little carried away.   We just wanted to keep the Pantera name alive and well! 

The spelling of the "de Tomaso" name used on the Pantera Place is the Spanish spelling of the de Tomaso name as used in the manufacturer’s native country, Argentina. This spelling of the de Tomaso name was used on most of the original Pantera documentation and we felt that it was more accurate than the American tendency of capitalizing of the first letter of surnames resulting in "DeTomaso".

The de Tomaso Pantera was manufactured from 1971 to 1996 at the de Tomaso factory located in Modena, Italy.  Click here to listen to how city name of Modena is pronounced.     

Information Source

All of the information presented on this website was provided by the website author, visitors that contributed images and information and other information found in the public domain.  Quotes from books and magazines have been noted and the information source provided.  Every attempt has been made to make sure that the information, images and sounds presented on this site are authorized.  If you believe there is any information, images or files that may cause sounds on this website are not authorized please notify us by email and we will remove them immediately.

Use of General Information

All authorized information and images on this website are the property of The Pantera Place.  The information presented on The Pantera Place website is intended for the use of individuals to learn about the Pantera and not for commercial use or sale   Any use or reproduction of the information presented on the Pantera Place website outside of this scope of use must be authorized by The Pantera Place.  

Use of Technical Information

All of the technical information and product information posted on this website is offered as general information and is not recommended, endorsed, guaranteed or presented as professional technical information.  It is recommended that you seek professional help for the repair or maintenance of your car.  Improper self-maintenance or repair of your car can result in serious injury and or death.  Use of this information is done at your own risk.   

The best place to find Pantera technical information is the quarterly Pantera International Magazine, the quarterly Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) magazine, the Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) monthly newsletter, the Pantera technical manuals and the Pantera parts and service vendors.  See the web links page for joining the Pantera clubs and contacting Pantera vendors and the book page for the technical manuals.  The technical information manual, technical service bulletins, illustrated parts manual and owners manual are must have items for working on your Pantera.