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Inside The Pantera


   mikes pantera 7420 left side inside b.jpg (147811 bytes) mikes pantera 7420 right side inside.jpg (146974 bytes) 

mikes pantera 7420 dash inside.jpg (133277 bytes) mikes pantera 7420 shifter inside.jpg (133461 bytes) mikes pantera 7420 wheel inside.jpg (145945 bytes)

mikes pantera 7120 front hatch.jpg (125795 bytes) Mikes back felt 8.JPG (56724 bytes)

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The seating in the Pantera is comfortable and the visibility to the front and sides is super. Lucky for me the 71 seats are very thin so you just set on the floor for maximum head room and leg-room. The after market small wheel gives room for long legs to fit between the wheel and the center console. The left dash pod has the 200 mph speedometer and the right pod has the tachometer.

The center console has most of the control switches for the lights, third cooling fan, windows, heater fan, dome light, A/C control and the Amp, fuel, temp and oil pressure gauges installed in a vertical column.

The gated five-speed shifter is located on the wide center console in front of the ashtray and lighter. Smoke in a Pantera?

Up front is the battery, hydraulic clutch master cylinder, power brake booster, brake master cylinder, windshield washer bottle, and inflatable spare tire. The top edge of the radiator is visible at the front of the image.  This car has a Pantera Performance Center brake master cylinder that really improves the stock Pantera braking system.

The back trunk liner is removable, is made of fiberglass and lined with black felt.  The engine is visible just in front of the liner and is covered by a removable screened panel.  The fuel filler is visible in the top left of the image.  The back hatch must be opened to add fuel.  The oil and coolant levels can be checked with the hatch up.

On this car, the underside of the front hood and the back hatch have quilted black panels inserted.   They look good and probably add some sound proofing.