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   The Pantera Meets The Bora 

After the de Tomaso Pantera entered the exotic car market, the car that it was often compared to was the Maserati Bora. While I was driving by Great Gatsby’s in Atlanta the other day I noticed that they had some cars parked outside including their 1977 Bora. The Bora is a very rare car so I took the opportunity to stop and take some pictures of the Pantera and the Bora together.  Juan Carllos de Irisarri with Great Gatsby’s was very helpful and moved the Bora so we could get some pictures with the Pantera. 


The front hood cooling vents are in one section rather than two as on the Pantera. The hood vents look like they were cast in the same mold as the Pantera vents.  The headlights rotate up very much like the Pantera but are moved by hydraulic control.  The taillights are the same unit used on the Pantera. 

pantera and bora 1.JPG (78840 bytes)  bora hatch.JPG (74204 bytes)  bora inside.JPG (79144 bytes)  pantera and bora 2.JPG (72948 bytes)

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The upper aft section of the Bora tilts back for engine access.  ANSA exhaust are used on the Bora and check out  the stainless steel roof section.  The speedometer and tach look like the same as the Pantera with different faceplates.  The forward and aft position of the seat is in a fixed position and the pedals adjust by hydraulic control.  The seat also moves up and down by hydraulic control.

The early Bora used Citroen hydraulics and used mineral oil rather than Girling type brake fluid.  Apparently the later model cars were fully "Italianized" with hydraulics that used Girling type fluids. There was nothing wrong with the original system other than people putting the wrong fluids in and then needing to flush the system and replace all of the rubber parts and hoses.

bora engine.JPG (77692 bytes)

The Bora is powered by a Maserat DOHC V8 engine that is 4.7 liters, with two valves per cylinder and rated at 310 bhp. Four Weber carbs are used for the induction system. The engine is mounted longitudinal like the Pantera and has the same ZF five speed used in the Pantera.

The May 1973 Road Test Magazine provided the following comparison between the Pantera and the Bora:

"The Pantera’s standard specifications are impressive. How does it compare to the world’s newest, most expensive Grand Turismo car, the Maserati Bora? It’s faster. In the case of the 5 speed ZF transmission. They actually use the same one. The comparison is remarkable. Few cars in the world are as similar in design and concept and equipment."


Maserati Bora


Vehicle Type

Mid-engine, rear wheel drive – 2 passage cpe

Mid-engine, rear wheel drive – 2 passage cpe






264 (SAE net) @ 5400


5 speed, all-synchro

5 speed, all-synchro


170.0 in

167.0 in


69.5 in

67.0 in


44.7 in

43.4 in

Curb Weight

3500 lbs.

3123 lbs.


4 wheel independent

4 wheel independent


Rack and pinion

Rack and pinion

Brakes – Front & Rear

Disc. Power assisted

Disc. Power assisted

Wheel type

Cast aluminum

Campagnolo cast magnesium 5 bolt

Performance – Zero to

60 mph 6.1 sec.

60 mph 5.5 sec.

Standing ¼ mile

15.6 sec. @ 98.0 mph

14.0 sec. @ 99.4 mph

"Add to this air conditioning and electric windows as standard equipment and the Pantera has to be the best value for the money Gran Turismo car in the world."

The most interesting part about the Maserati story is that on May 14, 1976 de Tomaso engineered a very clever purchase of the company where by de Tomaso owned 30% of Maserati.  According to the book "de Tomaso The Man and The Machines" by Wallace Wyss, de Tomaso in only two years managed to take Maserati that was flat on its back and build it up to a book value of over $42 million.

In 1971 the Bora was much more expensive than the Pantera but today It appears that the Bora, depending on condition has a selling price similar to the Pantera.  

This Bora will go to the auction block this weekend February 12, 2000.  If you are interested in the Bora or other exotic cars you can contact Great Gatsby’s in Atlanta at 770-457-1903 or 1-800-428-7297 or visit their website at