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Vortex Champion Battery

The 675 amp battery in my Pantera recently turned five years old and Iíve been looking around for a new battery that would fit well and also provide room for my spare tire. The existing 675 amp battery is a 26R so it is very small in physical size and fits well in the front trunk.

When I was at Advance Auto I noticed that they had the new Vortex Champion battery with 900 cranking amps @ 32 degrees Fahrenheit .  The battery was $129.99 and looked like it was just what I needed, it was small and had lots of amps.  The battery is made with Spiralcell TM technology and is sealed. The battery is advertised as supporting three times the starting cycles of a normal battery, resist vibration problems and has no acid that can run out into your car.  The size of the Vortex looked similar in size to my 26R and I hauled the Vortex home to see how it would fit.

Vortex 1.jpg (130257 bytes)  Vortex 2.jpg (142682 bytes) Vortex 3.jpg (141772 bytes)

The battery is not available in an R form so the battery is installed 180 degrees from normal position and the leads are connected farther forward than the normal R form.  I didn't need to modify my battery leads to make the new connections.  The small round covers on the front side cover are the GM type battery connecters.  The hold down bar covers over the GM terminal covers so they are not visible when the battery is installed.

The battery fits great and really makes the starter turn the engine over with some authority!   Some preliminary testing with the engine at operating temp 185 - 190 degrees showed super results compared to my old 675 amp battery.  After the engine was at operating temp I shut the engine off and let the car heat soak for 10 minutes, then 10 more minutes.  Each time the engine turned over very fast and started instantly.           

Please note that my car has a second ground cable connected between the starter mounting lug and the body.  

Caution: use very extreme caution to make sure that you do not get the battery installed with the power leads reversed.   Usually the Pantera ground wire for the battery is located to the center of the car and and is attached directly to the body of the car.   The positive terminal is on the passenger side of the car and comes out of a hole in the trunk wall.  Installing the leads in reverse on the battery will cause maximum sparks and smoke and will melt down the amp gauge.  The power wires to and from the amp gauge and the wire from the amp gage to the alternator will melt and the alternator will be toasted.   It makes a big and very expensive mess!