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Pantera Side Marker Lights

Replacing the Pantera side marker light housing is an easy job.  Most cars need them replaced because they are usually made of plastic and easily chipped, broken or scratched. 

mikes side marker 1.JPG (81556 bytes)  mikes side marker 2.JPG (78316 bytes) 

View of the side marker disassembled with the new housing.  The marker light inserts into the housing and has studs that go through the back of the chrome housing.  Caution, I understand the mounting studs can be easily broken out of the plastic light housing.  The old rubber gaskets were carefully removed from the old housings, cleaned and reused.  The outside of the red plastic lens  was polished with toothpaste and a soft towel then polished with cleaner wax.     

 mikes side marker 3.JPG (80072 bytes)  mikes side marker 4.JPG (79080 bytes)  mikes side marker 5.JPG (79612 bytes) 

On the left, the marker light is assembled in the housing.  On the right, the rubber boot over the light socket is in place.

 mikes side marker 6.JPG (79292 bytes) 

View of the driver's side back marker light opening.  The new housings were about 1/8" deeper than the original housing.  This caused the back of the housing to hit the mounting bracket before the outside edge of the housing could contact the rubber gasket and body of the car.  This was mostly a problem on the driver's side, back marker light fender opening.  The mounting bracket (light color) shown above was welded-in place and the other side and front brackets were deeper and removable.  The welded-in bracket was cut-out and a "C" shaped removable part made. 

mikes side marker 8.jpg (78976 bytes)

New removable bracket

I tightened the retaining nuts finger tight to avoid damage to the mounting studs.   To gain access to the back of the housings the car body is raised for access through the wheel-well.  Be sure to use jack stand to support the car.  With stock wheels there could be room to reach behind the fender without raising the car body. 

mikes side marker 7.JPG (78424 bytes)

New housing installed