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Pantera Records Manual 

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A Pantera records manual can be very helpful with the ownership of your Pantera.    The manual that I use is divided by sections for each category and a tab for each year.  

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The first few sections contain historical information about the car, old titles, bill of sale, copy of the cashiers check, information published about my car in magazines, list of owners, etc. 

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The next section contains the appraisal done when the car was first purchased. 

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The next section contains all of the maintenance information and receipts from the previous owner. 

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The next section is the year 1998 tab and contains a maintenance log of all of the work that was done on the car during my first year of ownership.  The maintenance log has the date, mileage and description of each maintenance item done.  The log provides the ability to look back at how and when things were done, engine timing, valve lash, repairs, etc. 

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The next item in the 1998 section is a spread sheet showing the date, vender and cost of each item bought for the car and the maintenance cost.   The sheet has two cost columns, one for regular maintenance items and one for items involved with upgrades.  The sheet keeps a running total for each year and a total to date including the original cost of the car and a place for budgeting future work.   The total cost is available at a glance.   

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The next item in the 1998 section is a plastic pocket to hold small sized receipts. 

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The large receipts are three hole punched and inserted in the binder. The manual has a tab or section for each year, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, etc.  It takes awhile to get the manual started and organized but the ongoing updating is easy.

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Any documentation that came with new parts that I've installed are in a separate documentation section that include, Crane rollers, Holley carb, shocks, etc.  It's great to have everything about the car in one place with quick and easy access!