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Las Vegas POCA 2000 Fun Rally

The early morning view from our room at the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza Hotel is headquarters for the POCA members.  Although, the hotel is older, it has perfect facilities for the event, including cars on display inside of the hotel!  We had a two room suite on the 21st floor overlooking Fremont Street.  The room was clean, service was great, all of the hotel staff were super and the price was right!

The Plaza Hotel 


The 2000 POCA Las Vegas Fun Rally was held April 26, 2000 through April 30, 2000. On the 28th and 29th track events were held at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Park. On the 28th the Red Rock Canyon Rally was held and on the 29th the Concours d’Elegance was held on Fremont Street in front of the Plaza hotel.

Plaza Parking Lot

Cars arriving in the Plaza parking lot. The Plaza Hotel can be seen in the background.  David Doddek is working on the red Pantera.   Click image to view.

POCA 2000 lot 1.JPG (79240 bytes)    POCA 2000 lot 3.JPG (75436 bytes)    POCA 2000 lot 5.jpg (78872 bytes)

Concours d’Elegance

The Concours d’Elegance was held on Fremont Street. Click image to view.

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Views of Fremont Street

POCA 2000 Bosworth.JPG (77680 bytes)  POCA 2000 Brubacker.JPG (78632 bytes)  POCA 2000 Chacon.JPG (77212 bytes)  POCA 2000 Courtney.JPG (76184 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Tom Bosworth 1974 GTS, Jerry Brubacker 1974, Bob Chacon 1973 and Dan Courtney "The Winged Warrior".

POCA 2000 Cox Chris.JPG (75928 bytes)  POCA 2000 Cox Mike.JPG (72720 bytes)  POCA 2000 Darling.JPG (76724 bytes)  POCA 2000 Eisele.JPG (75944 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Chris Cox 1972, Michael Cox 1971, Chris Darling 1972 and Willie and Ellen Eisele 1972.

POCA 2000 Escalle.JPG (77384 bytes)  POCA 2000 Filmore.JPG (76620 bytes)  POCA 2000 Harris.JPG (75688 bytes)  POCA 2000 Jacobsonn.JPG (76544 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right Bob Escalle 1972, Mike Filmore 1973, Bill Harris 1972 and Russ Jacobson 1971.

POCA 2000 Kand.JPG (77020 bytes)  POCA 2000 Knowles.JPG (77000 bytes)  POCA 2000 Kuehne.JPG (78932 bytes)  POCA 2000 Morofsky.JPG (77684 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Ahti Kand 1972, Tom Knowles 1972, Jim Kuehne 1972 and Terry Morofsky 1972.

POCA 2000 Murphy.JPG (78268 bytes)  POCA 2000 Parle.JPG (77656 bytes)  POCA 2000 Pepp.JPG (77768 bytes)  POCA 2000 Pillar.JPG (77892 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Michael Murphy 1974 GTS, Fred Parle 1972, Buddy Pepp 1974 and Tom Pillar 1974.

POCA 2000 Plese.JPG (78032 bytes)  POCA 2000 Powley.JPG (76388 bytes)  POCA 2000 Price.JPG (79004 bytes)  POCA 2000 Rahed.JPG (77488 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Paul Plese 1969 Magusta, Gary Powley 1971, Dan Price 1986 GT5S and Tom Rahed.

POCA 2000 Renshow.JPG (78428 bytes)  POCA 2000 Richards.JPG (77596 bytes)  POCA 2000 Sharp.JPG (77004 bytes)  POCA 2000 Tinsley.JPG (76876 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Howard and Sharon Renshow, Bob and Effie Richards, Roger Sharp 1972 and Randy and Melody Tinsley.

POCA 2000 Tisdale.JPG (78284 bytes)  POCA 2000 Villa.jpg (73752 bytes)  POCA 2000 Whalen.JPG (76880 bytes)

Owners’ cars from left to right; Ken Tisdale 1972, Louie Villa 1972 and Bob and Linda Whalen 1973.

The Race Rock Cafe 

Friday night Pantera action at the Race Rock Cafe.  The Panteras were parked outside of the Cafe with the very cool lightshow on Fremont Street as the backdrop.

    POCA 2000 racerock3.jpg (64551 bytes)  POCA 2000 racerock4.jpg (37467 bytes)

Race Rock photos by Matt Wells