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My Pantera Travels

As I travel around the country I like to meet other Pantera owners and exchange Pantera ideas.  This page is dedicated to the great Pantera owners that I have met in my travels who have not only taken time to talk Panteras, but have also also extended their hospitality to me.

The Oklahoma City Pantera, Chuck Engles, November 6, 1999

While in Oklahoma City on November 6, 1999, my wife Pam and I  had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Charles Engles, more informally know to Pantera pals as "Chuck," and his family and talk with him about his Panteras.  Chuck has two yellow Panteras. One "race-ready" car and one beautiful street machine.  The race car was in the shop during my visit with an engine problem left over from a recent "Texas track event."  Looks like high "G" loads on one of the turns took a toll.  Chuck picked me up at my hotel in the street car -- the sound of which could be heard echoing off of the downtown office buildings from blocks away.   While I was waiting for Chuck, the hotel doorman ask me if I needed a cab, and I said that a yellow taxi was on its way to pick me up and that I thought he might be impressed when it arrived!  He was!   We drove over to Chuck's house to talk Panteras.   Jim Gray (a Pantera owner for the second time) and James Duncan (just completing a Pantera restoration) showed up to talk Panteras.  We all had a great time!  Thanks Chuck to you and your great family for a fun weekend of car talk and socializing!  Chuck's girls love to ride in the Pantara and insist that he "cruise" their schools.

chucks pantera 1.jpg (78632 bytes)  chucks pantera 2.jpg (78724 bytes)  chucks pantera 3.jpg (79424 bytes) chucks pantera 5.jpg (77912 bytes)

Chuck's outstanding Pantera  with 10" Campys on the back

    chucks pantera 7.jpg (77700 bytes)

From the left to right James Duncan, Chuck Engles and Jim Gray talking shop

Chuck's street Pantera has an interesting history.  At one time, the car was painted silver and it was the car the Chuck first saw in a parking lot that peaked his interest to buy a Pantera.  The car was later repainted in yellow and Chuck ended up buying the car, not realizing that it was the original Pantera that had inspired his Pantera fever.

My Pantera was originally sold new to Dr. Don Rhinehart  of Oklahoma City, a colleague of Chuck's.  It's a very small Pantera world!