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Power Window Gear 


James Fannin from Lebanon (East of Nashville), Tennessee sent in some photos of his power window regulator gear replacement project. 

fannin rhdoor.jpg (63129 bytes)  fannin window.jpg (44872 bytes)  fannin wingear.jpg (38786 bytes)

The image on the left is the right hand door with the door panel and window regulator removed.  The center image is the window regulator and motor assembly.  The image on the right shows the original plastic gear on the left and the new brass gear on the right.  The original plastic gears have a problem with the teeth stripping off.  This usually happens just when you really need to have the window closed.  As the gear jams the manual crank will not work either.  The brass gear replacement solves this problem. 

pantera door.gif (17476 bytes)

Drawing showing how the door regulator mechanism fits in the door assembly.   The lift mechanism can be difficult to remove from the door.  With the motor attached to bracket, the window lift in the window closed position and the armature in the horizontal position, feed the lift arm through lower (larger) bottom cut-out, rotated whole set-up 90 degrees counterclockwise, pulled door handle linkage out of way and it should come right out.

Thanks James, for sharing your project with us.

The following images were sent in by Dave Clark.

Clark All three gears.JPG (59896 bytes) Clark new brass gear.JPG (36846 bytes) Clark old gear almost ready to break.JPG (43592 bytes) Clark old gear broken.JPG (36413 bytes)