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Pantera Picture Collection

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playboy.jpg (30394 bytes)

The pink Playboy Pantera.  This Pantera with a custom "pink" paint job was given to the Playboy Playmate of the year in the 70s.

bad back.jpg (26196 bytes)  bad engine.jpg (35195 bytes)      

A very beautiful clean Pantera, engine, transaxle and A-arms located somewhere in the Southwest (owner unknown)

    red04.gif (44034 bytes)  red02.gif (152863 bytes)      

A very beautiful red Pantera (owner unknown)

 misc 747030945.jpg (74254 bytes)  

Red Pantera (owner unknown)  

Red GT5.jpg (79144 bytes)      

A 1978 GT5 Pantera last seen in North Miami, Florida 

IMAGE23.jpg (57375 bytes)        

A 1972 Pantera last seen in Charlotte, North Carolina 

Yellow ATL p.jpg (77624 bytes)      

A 1974 Pantera last seen in North Atlanta, Georgia