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Isaacks GT5.JPG (27681 bytes)

1972 Pantera GT5 conversion by Hall Pantera. Owned by Sharon and Bill Isaacks. Sharon's car!  The car has a 383 Stroker Motor Late Model Dash and Interior, Delta wing with led brake light, JFZ Brakes, Alden Adjustable Shocks, too much to list.  Formerly owned by Gary Wilson of California. The first Pantera inducted into the Hall of Fame.


Hillstrom 2.JPG (107101 bytes) Hillstrom 1.JPG (92473 bytes) 

Dave Hillstrom's 1974 Pantera with 98 miles on the odometer.  located in Perry, Georgia.   Found the car thru serendipity – we weren’t looking for any car to purchase, however, a 98 mile car got our attention – as did the price. The car came from Leith’s Lincoln – Mercury, Greenesboro, NC.  The gent divorced and trailered it to Fullerton, CA, circa 1975.  The original owner had a Japanese group look at it three times for $150K.  The Japanese economy drastically dipped and the sale fell through.  The Pantera stayed garaged out there until 1996 when it was sold at the B-J Scottsdale auction and a gent from Miami added it to his 200 car collection. He passed on in 1999 (or so) and sons sold the collection – this Pantera was one of the last three cars (one of father’s favorite).  My partner found out about the car from a guy who had a small warehouse shop in the same warehouse district where the private collection was located.  After some months we were able to purchase the car.  I have spoken with the original owner and he will write an affidavit certifying the mileage.  Gary Hall also has seen the car and commented that the exhaust still has the orange paint on it.  I have had collectors help us confirm (99.9%) that this car is the lowest mileage, most original Pantera on the planet.  We would to find that discriminating collector who would grace his eclectic collection with this gorgeous car.  We would personally like a driver as opposed to a museum piece.  It’s torture not being able to drive it.  A Pantera buff would probably go nuts.

Jaeckel 1975 GTS 1.JPG (93160 bytes) Jaeckel  1975 GTS 2.JPG (67373 bytes)

Roland Jaeckel's 1975 GTS Pantera that was converted to a GT5-S Targa-Top.  Roland lives Hamburg, Germany.  This car was the PAVES prototype for  the Targa-Top system and has a special bracket under the rear deck for carrying the top.  The windshield is from a Pantera 200 and glued in.  Also the windshield spoiler is from a 200.  It now has full working windshield wipers at higher speeds. Wheels are custom made PLS brand 13x17 with 335-35-17 back and 11x17 with 265-35-17 front. Gearbox is equipped with 3.77 le mans gear.   Top speed is 292 kilometers.

Krishna QtrFront.jpg (161572 bytes) Krishna Interior.jpg (43393 bytes) Krishna QtrRear.jpg (170191 bytes)

Kris Krishna’s 1971 Pantera #1683. Kris lives in San Antonio, Texas and recently purchased the car from a gentleman in Thousand Oaks who purchased it from PI in 2001. The car has the following updates: Distributor curved by Hayes, Edelbrock "Performer" manifold, 750 Holley annular discharge carburetor, SPS rod bolts, Clevite bearings, TRW pistons- 10:1, Milling hi-volume oil pump, Centerforce clutch, Roller transmission pilot bearing, Holley fuel pump, Manley valve springs, Crane roller rocker arms, Manley rocker arm studs, Cloyes double roller timing chain, transmission overhaul by Roy Butfoy, balancing by Engine Dynamics, billet distributor gear with roller thrust bearing, 4 bolt main - 355 cubic inches, strong hydraulic roller cam engine Crane .580/282 degrees, 450 estimated horsepower, Free flow headers ceramic coated and insulated, GTS mufflers, Centerforce clutch, Eddie Meek high end, black paint job, all new chrome and polished stainless trim. upgraded leather seats with inflatable lumbar supports, Hall SuperStopper 2 brakes with dual master cylinder, Fluidyne Aluminum Radiator with Dual sucker Flex-a-lite Fans, Stainless Steel Water Tanks and Coolant Tubes, all Silicone hoses, stock exterior except remote control mirrors, stock interior other than upgraded seats and hi-intensity headlights.

Merritt Angeles Crest.jpg (54454 bytes) Merritt swDscn1821.jpg (73578 bytes) Merritt WillowSpgs3.JPG (35555 bytes)

Burbank, CA resident Matt Merritt’s bought his 1972 Pre-L from PI Motorsports’ showroom in February ‘02. Just prior to selling it the previous owner had had extensive engine work performed by Precision ProFormance in Brea, CA, with its polished and detailed 377 stroker Cleveland now producing approximately 425 HP. Otherwise, it retains its relatively stock appearance with its 8- and 10-inch Campy wheels and original Grabber Blue paint. His car can frequently be spotted out on the weekends and at open track days throughout SoCal.

Meredith 1.JPG (115141 bytes) Meredith 2.JPG (70644 bytes) Meredith 3.JPG (99978 bytes)

Doug Meredith lives in Louisville KY and Purchased his '72 Pantera #4103 from it's original owner in Nov 2001 with 49,000 miles.  The car currently has 53,000 miles.  The car was purchased with all of the following modifications:  The original block was stroked to 396" with Haltec F9 Fuel Injection and TWM throttle bodies. Hall Pantera steel GT5 flares and 17" rims, Super Stopper II brakes and adjustable coilovers. Euro GTS exhaust with big bore headers. Lay down radiator with sucker fans and upgraded A/C which blows cold.

Rick Bell.JPG (89845 bytes)

Rick Bell lives in London, England and is a member of PI. Rick’s Pantera is pictured outside of his favorite pub. He just voted himself the Regional Rep for the UK. Rick’s car is a totally original 1989 car, #9535.  One previous owner cosseted the car, its only done 26,000 genuine miles from new. The first owner paid nearly £70,000 for the car straight out of the showroom. Crazy price. Rick has owned it since 2001. Dave Adler is doing a piece on the GT5S featuring this car in the next issue of PI mag.

SpencerRuhlinPantera.JPG (82223 bytes)

Spencer Ruhlin's 1972 Pantera.  Spencer lives in the Chicago area.  The montage was taken in front of a fountain at Del Webbs retirement community in Huntley Illinois.

dave Bermans pantera.jpg (87893 bytes)

David Berman's 1982 GT5 Pantera.  More information on Dave's Pantera can be found at Dave's Pantera website   

Bitner engin 02.JPG (58967 bytes) Bitner engin 01.JPG (56867 bytes) 

Bill Bitner's Pantera #5171, powered by an awesome stroker Windsor engine with 425 cu .  Click to listen to a fantastic 600kb mp3 sound file of Bill's Pantera engine running with open headers.  The original sound level pressure was an ear splitting 120 db and was recorded using Crown PZM mics (ear protection had to be used for the recording session).  The engine has Trick Flow R heads, Edlebrock Victor Jr. with 1" spacer.  The engine puts out 535 HP @ 6200, 500 lb/ft at 4500 with a redline of 6800 RPM.

Basile 1448frontdrivers.jpeg (166274 bytes) Basile 1448Fontanaengine.jpeg (92780 bytes) Basile 1448left rear.jpeg (133671 bytes)

Mark Basile's 1971 Pantera #1448.  Mark lives in Jericho, New York.  The car has a Fontana Aluminum block, bored and stroked to 405CID, forged pistons and crank, SVO A3 Aluminum drag heads, Roush manifold, 850cfm Speed Demon carb, power steering with complete front end-geometry modifications, Fluidyne lay down radiator, Vader headlight kit, completely rewired/ soldered and shrink wrapped, custom adjustable FloFit seats, Pantera East Campy 17/335-35 rears, 16/245-45 fronts, Pirelli Pzeros, carbonfiberglass rear bumper, mirrors and rear decklid, dyno'd at 525HP@5500rpm  515lbs-torque@4800rpm, new Delstar 9000 Black paint, SS water tubes, rotary air/AC, ZF-Type-1 transmission.  


Pentalery MVC007L.jpg (51995 bytes) Pentalery MVC002L.jpg (68081 bytes) Pentalery MVC004L.jpg (54434 bytes) Pentalery MVC012L.jpg (41067 bytes)

Jerry Pentalery’s 1974 Pantera.  Jerry lives in Greenville, SC.  The paint is dark metallic blue with monochromatic enhancements. The engine is a Windsor 6.5 SVO block with port fuel injection, Electromotive fuel management and a direct fire ignition system.  The car is equipped with Brembo 4 piston calipers on all corners with Wilwood 13'' rotary vane rotors.  HRE 17'' 3 piece modular wheels are used with g force t/a radials. The ZF transaxle is blueprinted & polished and fitted with a tall geared (3.55 ratio) ring & pinion. The headlamps are fixed non pop up dual low & hi beam head lamps.

Meausette pantera1.jpg (83097 bytes) Meausette pantera2.jpg (78294 bytes) Meausette pantera3.jpg (56461 bytes) 

Meausette pantera4.jpg (83085 bytes) Meausette pantera5.jpg (91768 bytes) Meausette pantera6.jpg (75742 bytes)

Steve Meausette's 1972 Pantera,  The car is a heavily modified Canadian Pantera, and can usually be seen at the Birch Bay meet in Washington State in September.  The car took first place last year at the Birch Bay meet.  See more Northwest Panteras at the Birch Bay meet bellow on this page. 

Krump SI1.jpg (75234 bytes)  Krump SI2.jpg (69590 bytes)

Franz Krump's 1996 Pantera 200 #9613. Franz said, this car is number 13 of a total of 38 built.  The car is powered by a 302 engine with fuel injection.  Franz lives in Austria and has owned seven de Tomaso cars.

Shewchuk G4.jpg (70782 bytes)

Robert Shewchuk's Group 4 Pantera.

Popham Pantera 11.jpg (52474 bytes)  Popham Pantera back.jpg (53266 bytes)

Tracy Popham's 73 Pantera # 05679,  34,500 miles.  In the picture of the back you can see the rear A arms have been chromed, along with a back frame cover and sway bar.  Gives it a neat look from behind.  Also the wheels have been converted to Knock Off spokes. and euro TA tires.  The car found its new home with me in Clarkston Washington in October of this year.

   Fletcher Dsc00020.jpg (49720 bytes)  Fletcher Dsc00026.jpg (25843 bytes)

Kevin van Noppen's 1972 pre L #3764 has less than 19,000 miles on it. Kevin was concerned about "old" technology in the car so Cory Gehling suggested putting the quadcam engine in it with an experimental injector setup.. Cory estimated that he would be able to get over 400 horsepower out of it, however, the car dynoed 432hp at the rear wheels once done (the dyno sheet doesn't lie). Not bad for a car that now weighs 2800 lbs. Far beyond anybody's wildest expectations. Virtually everything that could be done to the car has been done, simply waiting for the spring rains to stop so the car can be driven.

King 6.jpg (60474 bytes)

Robert King's late 1973 Pantera.  It was not  titled until 1978.  It has centerline warrior racing wheels that are 12x15 and 10x15.

Coffel 1.jpg (69795 bytes)  Coffel 2.jpg (43483 bytes)

Mike and Karen Coffel are the owners of this very early Euro Spec Pantera (Serial# 1116 the 116th car produced) and it is For Sale.

If you know someone who may be interested in owning this unique piece of DeTomaso history, please let me know. You may have seen or heard of this car as it has been to the Vegas Fun Rally and, of course, the Concours Italiano. It is possibly the finest stock bodied pushbutton door Pantera in existence as attested to by much of the folks in the 'Pantera World'. Best of Show at the Concours Italiano/PI White Glove Concours in 1996 AND 1997 as well as many other shows. Upgrades are leather interior, dropped floor pan, wheels, tires, brakes, A/C and cooling. Body is stock and has been gone thru extensively to exacting standards. I have over $125k invested. The car was restored with the intention of keeping it so it was done right! 

I would love to hear from anyone interested in Panteras, especially early ones. I have owned my Pantera for almost 13 years and it is truly better than new with a ground up restoration by Steve Wilkinson in 1996. I have become a real expert on early cars over the years and this car features many odd and prototypish items not found on later cars. It is insured and appraised for $100k.

Mike Coffel  Email Mike at:

  Mccall GT5S 2.JPG (68090 bytes)

Charlie McCall's GT5-S. Serial number 9375.  This car was the first GT5-S produced, and was shown at the Turin Car Show in 1984 to introduce the world to the GT5-S.  It was later sold as a 1985 model.  After the original Austrialian 351C self-destructed less than 24 hours after purchasing the car (?!) It was rebuilt to considerably different specs. Literally everything but the block was replaced... It now has a rather healthy solid-lifter cam, roller rockers, 10-qt oil pan, fully ported and flowed Aussie quench heads, port-matched Weiand Xcelerator intake, MSD electronic ignition, and a Holley 700 double-pumper, among other changes. HP is estimated by Desktop Dyno at 480hp...

Holmes 2.jpg (143711 bytes)  Holmes 4.jpg (123164 bytes)

John Holmes' 1971 Pantera #1517.  John's home town is Raleigh, NC. 

   Dupart front.jpg (61993 bytes) Dupart Engine.JPG (120689 bytes) Dupart Right Rear.jpg (54330 bytes)

Tom Dupart's 73 Yellow Pantera L, # 4986 from Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  

Mark D pantera 1.jpg (20937 bytes)  Mark D pantera 3.jpg (29826 bytes)  Mark D pantera 2.jpg (26102 bytes)

Mark Drastal's 1972 Pantera.  Mark lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Check out the tricky center photo image.

Matt Wells All Cars.jpg (98779 bytes) Wells MVC-010F.JPG (73007 bytes)

One the left, Matt Wells' of Everett Washington first Pantera get together at Birch Bay in September of 1999.  Matt's car is parked on the far right end of the row.  One the right, the September 2000 Birch Bay meet.  There are some really nice Panteras in the Northwest.

tonys car 1.JPG (79756 bytes)

In October 1999 I had an opportunity to meet with Tony Tripoli and see his new Pantera.  Tony lives in the Vinnings area of Atlanta.  Tony also has an awesome Cobra kit car that he built so he must be a Ford engine fan!  The car is silver and is hard to photograph with my digital camera because it glows in the sun!  The car has Gotti wheels but Tony would like to sell them.  The back wheels are 10/15 and the fronts are 8/15.  He also has the original wheels.  The car is real clean and in very nice shape.  This is the first silver car that I have seen first hand and the color looks really sharp on a Pantera.  Tony's engine is mostly stock but sounds real good!  The car has the coffee can type mufflers that are unique.   Nice car Tony!   Another car for the Atlanta Pantera formation flying!       

JO'Conner 1.jpg (23039 bytes) JO'Conner 5.jpg (18849 bytes)

Jim O'Conner's outstanding black 1971 Pantera #1421. 

Joern 83 pantera 1.jpg (45219 bytes)

Joern Cato Olsen's beautiful 1983 Pantera GT5 #THPNAG09261.  Joern lives in Norway and said that "the Cleveland engine is long gone".  The car has a Fontana 406 cid aluminum block and C302B heads.  The engine has a Ford SVO intake manifold, Barry Grant 750 carb, Crower billet stroker crank, solid lifter roller cam from Madden Racing Cams, Arias 11.3:1 pistons, Crower steel rods, Hall 180 headers and Spicer drive shafts.   Joern did a complete rebuild on the engine and changed the whole floor and channels this spring.  The car has been published in one of the largest car magazines in his area (Bilsport) in Skandinavia.  Joern said that there are about 16 Panteras in Norway, but no Pantera clubs. Joern and several of his friends are members of the Swedish deTomaso Club.

Bill  Jesser 1.jpg (129071 bytes)

Bill and Liz Jesser's 1971 Pantera #1678 with a GT5 conversion.  The engine has been balanced and blue printed, has Yates aluminum heads, a polished Hall intake, nitrous, and Weber carbs. The firewall cover was replaced with plexiglass so you can see the Gilmer belt in action (pretty impressive at 6000 rpm). 

anders2.JPG (18250 bytes)

Anders Jillnefelt's 73 GTS

La Guardia Pantera1.jpg (79986 bytes)

Dave La Guardia's 73 L Pantera (Dave would like to convert it to a GT5s)

gary eng gt5 2.jpg (15901 bytes)

Gary Roys' 410 inch aluminum engine in his 86 GT5s Pantera. The engine has Kinsler Injection. 

Mark DeCasien.jpg (95832 bytes)

Mark DeCasien's 72 Pantera with GT5 conversion

  Dave Aument.jpg (27193 bytes) 

 Dave & Carol Aument's Pantera

Chris.JPG (36634 bytes)

Chris Bupp's 74 L Pantera

Bob Timma 72 pre L 1.jpg (24439 bytes)

Bob Timma's 72

  Verhein front angle full goose.jpg (72160 bytes)

Mel Verhein's yellow 70 Mangusta.  The Mangusta has a stock 302 with Weber carbs.