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Closed Track Racing Panteras

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Pantera at Pocono - 2 - JPG.jpg (60998 bytes)  Pantera at Pocono - JPG.jpg (95748 bytes)

Photos of  Curt Marsh's Pantera at the Eastern Pantera Association (EPA) / Le Belle Macchine díItalia at the Pocono track event.   Behind Curt is a not-so-happy owner of a Ferrari 348 (they donít like being passed by Panteras!).   Curt lives in Pennsylvania.

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Dave and Linda Adler's racing Pantera "Whiplash" 

Dennis car.jpg (13337 bytes)

Dennis Quella's racing Pantera.  This car has a tube frame and a glass body!

hall pantera1.jpg (31115 bytes)  hall pantera2.jpg (66456 bytes)

Gary and Bev Hall's 1978 Pantera, 10.4 sec 1/4 mile and a top speed of 202.875 at Bonneville

yellow pantera 200.jpg (80157 bytes)

The de Tomaso Pantera 200 on the track