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 Dick Koch's Twin Turbo Charged Pantera

By Mike Dailey

Contact Dick Koch at arkoch at earthlink dot net or 770-955-9116

Dick Koch is in the process of reassembling his 74 Pantera.  Dick bought the car new in 1974 and got a great deal as the fuel crunch was on and Panteras as well as other performance cars were not selling!  Dick' drove the car a lot for the first fifteen years but for the last ten years the car has been hold-up in Dick's garage when his first twin turbo engine went bad.  Dick completely disassembled the car few years ago to start rebuilding and upgrading the car. 

All of us in Atlanta have been giving Dick rides in our Panteras to keep him inspired to get his car back on the road!   Completely disassembling you car and then rebuilding every part better than new can be a daunting task.  Dick is super inspired to get the car on the road and has done a fantastic job.  Dick's car is going to be awesome!!!   Dick has be assisted on the restoration by a local mechanic,  who is a master craftsmen when it comes work on high end cars.   This mechanic did the valance replacement on my car.

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koch engin 1.jpg (30800 bytes)  koch engin 2.jpg (24867 bytes)   Koch FI 1.jpg (76720 bytes)  Koch F1 2.jpg (77428 bytes) 

The mighty Cleveland Twin Turbo charged engine for his 74 Pantera.  The Cleveland under test pulls on the left and the EFI and ignition system on the right. 

koch hp.jpg (63075 bytes)  koch TQ.jpg (76372 bytes) 

 Take a look at that POWER chart!!   

Koch ZF.jpg (74520 bytes) koch ZF 2.jpg (24252 bytes)

Picture of Dick's ZF at Roy Butfoy's shop undergoing rebuild.  The ZF was upgraded with BMW components for improved performance. 

Koch a arms 1.jpg (75688 bytes)  Koch a arms 2.jpg (76268 bytes)  Koch a arms back.jpg (78916 bytes)  Koch a arms front.jpg (74440 bytes) 

  Koch koni 1.jpg (77332 bytes)  Koch koni 2.jpg (75896 bytes)  Koch spin 1.jpg (72624 bytes)      

Dick's Pantera A arms, Koni shocks and spindles ready for installation.  

Koch 011401 5.jpg (72469 bytes)

The suspension parts are painted with black enamel appliance paint, air cured for a couple of days and then baked in an oven (excluding the Koni shocks).   The pant looks great and is very hard.   

August 26, 2000

Dick has been busy getting the car ready for assembly.  As of this date everything is ready to be re-assembled on the car.   

Koch Panteras 13 .jpg (139169 bytes)

View of Dick's work area.

 Koch Panteras 14.jpg (134688 bytes) Koch UC 8.jpg (126382 bytes)

View of Dick's Pantera.  Everything on the car body, engine bay and underside has been cleaned and prepped.

Koch UC 1.jpg (115827 bytes) Koch UC 2.jpg (157665 bytes)

Image of the ZF and suspension parts. 

 Koch UC 3.jpg (145303 bytes) Koch UC 4.jpg (155028 bytes)

View of the refurbished fuel tank and half shafts. 

Koch UC 5.jpg (106054 bytes) 

The awesome brake system. 

Koch UC 6.jpg (107272 bytes) 

This image shows the new upright roller bearing system that Dick has developed.   The system requires no milling of the uprights.  Dicks bearing system is installed on my car and is working great.  The system has full seals to cover the outer and inter bearings.    

Koch UC 7.jpg (121799 bytes)  

Dick recently held an open garage session and did a great job of explaining all of the things that have been done to get the car rebuilt.  

December 2, 2000

Dick and I spent some time working his car to install the back suspension.  Dick had installed the front suspension while he was waiting for the back axle roller bearing system to be completed. 

Koch 122 1.jpg (57072 bytes)

View of the front suspension.

Koch 122 2.jpg (85433 bytes)

The back suspension parts.  We pre assembled the upright end caps to check the end play.  Dick's end cap O rings were a little smaller than the O rings on my end caps so it was a little easer to check and make sure that the end cap washers would lock the upright sleeve to the A arm.

Koch 122 3.jpg (68354 bytes)

The back of the upright with the new roller bearings installed.

Koch 122 4.jpg (71043 bytes)

View of the nice clean wheel well.

Koch 122 5.jpg (48091 bytes) Koch 122 6.jpg (43615 bytes) Koch 122 7.jpg (50722 bytes)

The first step was installing the A arm bushings.

Koch 122 8.jpg (72947 bytes)

Next we installed the lower A arm.

Koch 122 9.jpg (61200 bytes)

View of the A arm mount on the inside of the frame.

Koch 122 10.jpg (32727 bytes)

Alignment shims used on the lower A arm.  

Koch 122 11.jpg (48927 bytes)

We reinstalled the original shims until the aliment is redone.  

Koch 122 12.jpg (39938 bytes)    

Dick is using the Pantera Performance removable cross member.

Koch 122 13.jpg (61542 bytes)

  The Koni shock is installed in the upper mount. 

Koch 122 14.jpg (64074 bytes)

The lower end of the shock is attached to the lower A arm.

Koch 122 15.jpg (64167 bytes)

The upper A arm is installed.

Koch 122 16.jpg (63616 bytes)

The upright is positioned on some wood blocks so that it will line up with the A arm.  The end caps are installed and double checked for the thrust washers engaging the upright pins.  A clamp was positioned to hold the caps and the upright was pushed into the A arm.  Dicks' upright did not fit as tight as my uprights but it was tight.  Working together we could move the upright in the A arm.

Koch 122 17.jpg (59278 bytes)

We used my tapered lower shaft tool to line up the upright in the A arm.  The lower shaft was installed after the tapered shaft was used.

Koch 122 18.jpg (55097 bytes)

The upright is checked for smooth rotation and the moved up so that the top A arm can be attached.

Koch 122 19.jpg (60565 bytes)  Koch 011401 6.jpg (51610 bytes)

Job complete!

January 14, 2001

Koch 011401 1.jpg (57397 bytes)

The fuel tank has be refurbished and installed.

Koch 011401 2.jpg (68423 bytes) Koch 011401 3.jpg (54876 bytes) Koch 011401 4.jpg (76792 bytes) 

The next step will be to install the new clutch assembly, mate the ZF to the engine and install the assembly.   The engine should be installed in the next few weeks.

February 20, 2001

Koch 022001 4.jpg (59689 bytes) Koch 022001 1.jpg (82870 bytes) Koch 022001 2.jpg (75666 bytes) Koch 022001 3.jpg (67424 bytes)  

Dick is working on the engine installation and the wiring for the EFI system.  Dick built a plywood mockup of the Pantera firewall so he could test fit the wiring and fuel system components without installing the engine.   

Koch 022001 5.jpg (63992 bytes)

The engine bay is ready for the engine.

Koch 022001 6.jpg (84080 bytes)

Take a close look at the oil level dipstick Dick is using.

July 12, 2001

Koch 071201 1.jpg (56652 bytes) Koch 071201 2.jpg (46394 bytes)

Dick has been working the fuel line system and the pump and fuel filter.  The view above shows the fuel pickup at the bottom of the fuel tank (with the shut off) and the position of the fuel pump and filter just to the inside of the fuel tank.

 Koch 071201 6.jpg (63221 bytes) Koch 071201 7.jpg (69820 bytes)

Designing and making the heat shields has been time consuming but have turned out well.  

Koch 071201 3.jpg (62120 bytes)  Koch 071201 9.jpg (54541 bytes) Koch 071201 10.jpg (62621 bytes)

Getting the ZF ready and adding gear lube. 

Koch 071201 4.jpg (67508 bytes) Koch 071201 5.jpg (81518 bytes) Koch 071201 8.jpg (64615 bytes) 

Koch 071201 11.jpg (72322 bytes) Koch 071201 12.jpg (75791 bytes) Koch 071201 13.jpg (72116 bytes)

Mating the ZF to the engine. When everything is aligned correctly the ZF should slide right on without any forcing.  Be careful not to let the ZF hang on the clutch plate.  The weight of the ZF can bend the center of the clutch plate.      

Koch 071201 14.jpg (74341 bytes) Koch 071201 17.jpg (67873 bytes)

View of the ZF mated to the engine.

Koch 071201 15.jpg (67096 bytes) 

Dick Koch, one happy man!

Koch 071201 16.jpg (71709 bytes)

Test fitting the clutch slave.

September 16, 2001

Dick did a test install of the engine and found that the shift linkage hit the turbo oil return line fitting so the engine was removed and the return moved on the oil pan.   

Koch 091601 1.jpg (71623 bytes) Koch 091601 2.jpg (68668 bytes) Koch 091601 17.jpg (82558 bytes) 

View of the electronics installation in the engine bay

 Koch 091601 18.jpg (75060 bytes)

View of the electronics installation behind the passenger seat

 Koch 091601 3.jpg (38852 bytes) Koch 091601 7.jpg (35828 bytes) Koch 091601 8.jpg (47162 bytes) Koch 091601 9.jpg (47548 bytes)

Koch 091601 10.jpg (52805 bytes) Koch 091601 11.jpg (60013 bytes)

Fuel pump and mounting bracket

Koch 091601 4.jpg (34084 bytes) Koch 091601 5.jpg (52746 bytes) Koch 091601 6.jpg (54535 bytes)

The heat shield for the electronics.

Koch 091601 13.jpg (66515 bytes)

Spark plug wiring

Koch 091601 12.jpg (22870 bytes)

The extension needed on the throttle linkage 

Koch 091601 14.jpg (72538 bytes) Koch 091601 15.jpg (58066 bytes)Koch 091601 16.jpg (63328 bytes)  

The lower end of the awesome twin turbo Cleveland 

September 28, 2001

After making one trial engine installation to see how everything fit today was the final installation.  


Koch 092801 1.jpg (72404 bytes) Koch 092801 2.jpg (63557 bytes) Koch 092801 3.jpg (71723 bytes) Koch 092801 4.jpg (74433 bytes)

Getting ready to install the engine.  Note the cardboard that is used to protect the front part of the wheel houses.

Koch 092801 5.jpg (69713 bytes) Koch 092801 6.jpg (69188 bytes) Koch 092801 7.jpg (62314 bytes) Koch 092801 8.jpg (68466 bytes)

The engine is lifted over the back of the car and the moved to the front of the hatch area.  Then the engine is slowly lowered while moving it forward.  Be careful of the back window!

Koch 092801 9.jpg (66494 bytes) Koch 092801 10.jpg (67226 bytes) Koch 092801 11.jpg (67548 bytes) Koch 092801 12.jpg (54118 bytes)

The engine is lowered and pushed forward until the back ZF mounts can be lowered down into the mounting tabs.  The ZF mounting bolts and washers are installed and then the motor mount bolts. 

Koch 092801 13.jpg (79200 bytes) Koch 092801 15.jpg (79661 bytes)

To get the motor mount bolts to line up the front engine is lifted slightly and repositioned so they line up.

Koch 092801 16.jpg (75757 bytes) Koch 092801 17.jpg (62819 bytes) Koch 092801 18.jpg (76797 bytes) Koch 092801 19.jpg (86130 bytes)

View of the completed engine installation.

Koch 092801 20.jpg (51975 bytes)

The back View

  Koch 092801 14.jpg (69412 bytes)

November 2, 2001

This is the big, start and run the engine day!!!

Koch 110201 1.jpg (59261 bytes) Koch 110201 2.jpg (57300 bytes) Koch 110201 3.jpg (74794 bytes) Koch 110201 4.jpg (84433 bytes)

 Koch 110201 6.jpg (80942 bytes) Koch 110201 7.jpg (80678 bytes)

Checking out that everything is ready for the engine start up.

Koch 110201 5.jpg (75891 bytes) Koch 110201 8.jpg (59783 bytes) Koch 110201 9.jpg (63724 bytes)

The computer is attached,  Dick turns the key to start, the engine starts and the computer shows all of the engine information.

Koch 110201 10.jpg (63062 bytes)

Dick checks out a little smoke coming off the outside of the headers as the engine warms up.  What a happy day and the engine runs and sounds awesome!     

April 13, 2002

After solving some oil seal leak and drain problems with the Turbos they were reinstalled.  

Koch 041302 1.JPG (43375 bytes) Koch 041302 2.JPG (54219 bytes)

The first project for today was to install the brake fluid for the refurbished clutch master and slave and bleed the clutch system.

Koch 041302 3.JPG (55656 bytes)

Next was filling the brake system and bleeding the system.  It was a little complex because each caliper has a bleed valve on the inside and the outside caliper half. 

April 27, 2002

The goal for today was starting the engine and testing the to see if the new type of Turbo seals and larger oil drains corrected the Turbo oil leak problems.

Koch 042702 1.JPG (58883 bytes)

Dick and Jerry discuss the start up plan 

Jerry Pentaleri from Greenville, South Carolina was on site for the engine startup. 

Koch 042702 2.JPG (64728 bytes)

The engine is started while Jerry helps with the idle speed.  The engine ran fine with no Turbo oiling problems.  Sounds awsome!

Koch 042702 3.JPG (75162 bytes) Koch 042702 4.JPG (44002 bytes)

Dick and Jerry review the real time information displayed by the engine management system. 

Next, finish a few small under car details, install the wheels and hit the road!

May 11, 2002 

We are still working on the last few details to get the car on the road.  Today the plan was to figure out why the head lights would only move to the up position.

Koch 051102 1.JPG (59949 bytes)

When we finally found the problem, it was cause for a little humor!

We used Bill Taylor's outstanding electrical diagrams  and determined that sometime in the last few years the yellow and brown wires were reversed on the headlight relay.  To complicate things more someone had connected the ground terminal on the headlamp relay to a power source. After some head scratching we reversed the yellow and brown wire on the relay and created a ground for the relay coil and it worked!

September 28, 2002

This is it!  The day that the Koch Pantera is on the ground for the first time in 7 years and it hits the road!

Koch 092802 1a.JPG (54149 bytes)

View of the completed brake installation. Pantera Performance provided the custom anti-rattle brake clips. 

Koch 092802 1.JPG (64742 bytes) Koch 092802 2.JPG (55509 bytes) Koch 092802 3.JPG (57189 bytes) Koch 092802 4.JPG (61065 bytes)

Dick lowers the Pantera while Howard Suddeth helps with the jack stands.  

Koch 092802 5.JPG (53893 bytes)  

Dick tightens down the anti-sway bar while Howard gives encouraging words.

Koch 092802 6.JPG (64155 bytes) Koch 092802 7.JPG (60287 bytes)

Dick, organizing the seating arrangements.  We had a little problem getting it to start until we realized that that gas tank was empty!

Koch 092802 8.JPG (49523 bytes)

It's on the ground, It's running, and it's backing out of the garage. Holly cow Dick!

Koch 092802 9.JPG (72230 bytes) Koch 092802 10.JPG (60573 bytes) Koch 092802 11.JPG (51279 bytes)

After some adjustment work on the ZF shift linkage, Dick maneuvers the Pantera for the first test drive.

Koch 092802 12.JPG (57400 bytes)

Dick heads down the driveway in the Pantera for the first drive in 11 years!  

When Dick got back from the first drive he was grinning from ear-to-ear and insisted that Howard and I each take the Pantera for a test drive. The 700HP 351C makes the car very, very impressive to drive!

Koch 092802 13.JPG (64728 bytes)

It's me returning from a test drive. You can tell that It's fast, just by driving it around the block. 

Next, Pantera East 17X11 and 16X8 Campy wheels and and new fat tires and follow-up on a few details!   It's running just in time to make the Atlanta Italian Car Day next weekend.

Koch 100102.JPG (62153 bytes)

Dick Koch, out cruising the neighborhood.   

February 2006

After much reengineering of the induction and turbo control system, new wheels and a beautiful applied new red paint job, Dick's Pantera wins best pre 1980 modified sports car and best engine of the show at the Atlanta World of Wheels Autorama.      

KochWWA1.JPG (59346 bytes) KochWWA2.JPG (58082 bytes)  KochWWA4.JPG (58248 bytes)

KochWWA3.JPG (73443 bytes)

The End!