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Garage Door Springs

When I was looking for my Pantera in 1998 I met a guy selling a Pantera that had a very nasty ding in the center of the rear deck lid.  The ding was caused by broken pieces of his garage door spring flying around his garage when the coil spring failed.

Because I have the same type of coil springs on my garage door. I decided that I would cover them with a PVC pipe cover.   I bought a PVC pipe and cut it lengthways in two pieces and made a set for the right and left spring.  I slipped the covers over the springs and retained them with hose clamps.   The covers only clamp down on the outside end of each spring, leaving the inside end free to turn. 

About two months after I installed the covers and while my new Pantera (not the one with the ding) was parked in the garage one of the springs failed.  Lucky me!    

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