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Water And The Pantera

There are many collector car owners that think getting their cars wet is a bad idea. Water on metal can sometimes result in unwanted rust. This lack of water can also be very good for a Pantera's monocoque body construction that has a bunch of areas that can collect and trap water.  From what I've seen so far the inside areas of the pieces and parts that make-up the monocoque Pantera body had NO rust inhibiters applied at the factory.   Yes, they put undercoat on the outside of the parts but the inside areas are bare metal.   I guess in 1971 Alejandro de Tomaso didn't realize how long his Pantera machine would be around!      

If you do not drive your car in the rain or drive on dirt roads the dry Pantera approach might work for you. The problem is how to clean the light dust that collects on the car without water? The first solution is a highly polished and very well waxed finish. When dust collects on the car take a very, very lightly water dampened, very soft, clean terrycloth towel and lightly glide it over the car finish to remove the dust. Turn it over often to keep the dust particles away from the finish. This seems to work better than the car cleaner brush/mop type device. Then take a dry very soft terrycloth towel and clean the car with Meguiar’s final inspection. The only part of the car that I wash are the wheels and tires.  I've owned my car for almost two years and have not washed it yet!