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Essential Tool Kit

By Larry Finch

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Because of the hesitation to entrust our Italian-American hybrids with the standard auto shop grease monkey, many, if not most, Pantera owners are usually the chief mechanic when service is needed for their Pantera. After my purchase of 2511 in November of 2002, I was no different than most owners and soon found myself adding more metric sized wrenches and sockets to my tool chest, accumulating a new coffee can filled with metric nuts and bolts and eventually buying a stub axle nut socket.

Thus armed, I have found I am able to perform all my service and upgrade tasks in the safety of my own garage, with the money saved on $100 an hour shop rates instead going into more upgrades, and gasoline for more driving.

Of course, back in the 1970ís the Lincoln Mercury mechanics benefited not only from entire dealer-equipped service bays and their own Snap-On mega-sized tool chests, but they also had the specialized tools that auto manufacturers always create for each model. In the case of Ford products, these were known as Rotunda Service Kits, made by Owatonna Tools, Inc. in Owatonna, Minnesota.  For the LM Pantera, there was the Rotunda Pantera Service Kit, with part number TKIT-1972-D.

Active in Pantera Land, I soon became aware of these Service Kits and on occasion did see them come up for sale on eBay, where I spend too much time buying and selling. While owning my own Service Kit would no doubt be nice, and come in handy now and then, the eBay auctions always moved up into the $400-$600 range, a purchase price I could not justify. I did venture to my local LM dealer in search of their no doubt now derelict kit, only to find they had cleared out many of their old kits, the Pantera Kit included, just a couple of months earlier. But one day in August of 2009, I did my customary search of new listings at eBay and there it was. I was looking at a complete Pantera Service Kit, in the original plastic case, with an opening bid of only $25. It took a few more seconds to actually register, but it was not a $25 opening bid, it was a $25 Buy-It-Now auction. I promptly checked the shipping to see if the seller had tried a sneaky trick sometimes used wherein the shipping cost of an apparent bargain takes the final price back to reality pricing, but not this time. So with a final click of the mouse, I bought my very own Pantera Service Kit, to be shipped to my door, for the total price of $39.00.

What I received was in fact a complete Service Kit, showing only minor wear on a few of the tools. The case had lost the hinged plastic latches, and the inner blow mold lining had been heavily damaged in shipping as the kit weighs about fifty pounds. Now the fun of figuring out how to use all these tools began.           

One of my old Hall Pantera catalogs listed the same tools for sale, which helped identify which tools went with each service task. But the Pantera Technical Information publication, service manual if you will, is very vague in just how the various tools are to be used. As an example, the suspension bushing tool group has five pieces, and they all have the same part number. In the manualís front suspension section, the description of how to remove the A-arm bushings reads:

Using Tool T72D-3044 press out the bushings from the inside of the A-frame.

No steps, no directions, and amazingly no photos or diagrams, either.

The same lack of specific steps is also found in the section on pressing the stub axle from the rear upright, where again all five pieces of that tool group have the same part number. That section does however at least have a few helpful pictures.

So while I do have a very rare, and potentially helpful, set of factory tools, the specifics of how to use most of them will just have to be deciphered when the need arises. 

 Iíve supplied photos of all the tools, and some have rulers to help in perhaps creating your own versions of some of the simpler pieces, such as the very large rotor support tube used when pressing out the stub axles. Should anyone like dimensions of any of these pieces, Iíd be happy to provide them for you. Just drop me a note at:

Finch kit 1.JPG (109292 bytes) Finch kit 2.JPG (123716 bytes) Finch kit 3.JPG (132589 bytes) Finch kit 4.JPG (138228 bytes)

The kit case and view of the tools in the case. Click here to view the packing slip for the kit

Finch Instructions.jpg (3080611 bytes) 

Instruction sheet included in the kit. 


Hall Pantera tool kit catalog 

Hall bearing cup.jpg (70750 bytes) FINCH - BEARING RACE TOOL.jpg (69822 bytes)  

Bearing Cup and Seal Replacer. Part number T72D-1217.

Hall Axle bearing group.jpg (59480 bytes) FINCH-STUB AXLE TOOLS.jpg (82332 bytes) FINCH-AXLE TOOL 2.jpg (57522 bytes) FINCH-AXLE TOOL 5.jpg (98766 bytes) FINCH-AXLE TOOL 5A.jpg (93640 bytes) FINCH-AXLE TOOL 1.jpg (90296 bytes) FINCH-AXLE TOOL 3.jpg (53727 bytes)

                            FINCH-AXLE TOOL 4.jpg (61876 bytes) FINCH-OWATONNA TOOLS.jpg (90425 bytes)

Axel Bearing Tool. Part number T72D-1225.  Note the Owatonna Tools, Inc. logo in the image above. 

Hall Rear axle nut socket.jpg (78731 bytes) FINCH-AXLE NUT SOCKET.jpg (57021 bytes)   

Rear Spindle Inboard Lock Nut Wrench.  Part number T72D-4851. 

Hall Ball joint group.jpg (73438 bytes) FINCH-REAR BALL JOINT TOOLS.jpg (89324 bytes)    

Ball Joint Tool.  Part number T72D-3006 

Hall Coil spring compressor.jpg (66079 bytes) FINCH-SPRING COMPRESSOR.jpg (76603 bytes)  

Coil Spring Compressor.  Part number T72D-5310.

Hall Ball joint press.jpg (73705 bytes) FINCH-BALL JOINT PRESS.jpg (73215 bytes)

Ball Joint Press.  Part number T72D-3006.

Hall Suspension bushing group.jpg (77949 bytes) FINCH-A-ARM BUSHING TOOLS.jpg (91387 bytes)

Suspension Bushing Tool.  Part number T72D-3044.