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ATO Fuse Panel

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12 ATO blade fuses plus 2 additional ATO fuses for the power windows, this eliminates the fuse box with 2 fuses mounted on the wheel housing. A total of 14 ATO fuses in the same footprint as the original 12 fuse panel.

Mounting foot print is identical to the original and utilizes the original 5mm mounting screws and plastic insulation shim.

Quick disconnect terminals are labeled with wire color and function to help de-bug wiring problems.

ATO fuses are labeled on the fuse panel with circuit number and current rating.

Each fuse has a red LED indicator for "open" fuse condition. (note that the protected load must be active or "on" for the LED to operate)

Quick disconnect terminals are geometrically positioned similar to the original fuse panel, transferring one wire at a time to minimize installation problems. "EXTRA" terminal marked for an additional accessory.

Electronic noise suppression devices for each fused circuit to minimize electrical noise.

Rugged, open frame construction to dissipate heat, designed with high quality non-flammable materials: aluminum, copper, brass, steel, glass impregnated fiber board and electronic grade solder. 

ATO automotive fuses were designed for the automotive industry and are readily available in Europe, Canada and U.S.A.

Price includes fuse panel with fuses installed.

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ATO Fuse Panel with Integrated Voltmeter

The ATO Fuse Panel / Voltmeter has the ability to monitor the voltage on a bargraph in an expanded format to allow accurate measurement and alarm. The end LEDs are red indicating a problem, while the mid-section is green to indicate a correct voltage range with intermediate voltages indicated by yellow and amber LEDs. An audio alarm is initiated when the red LEDs are illuminated to provide immediate warning of a problem. The alarm is a short tone at 3 second intervals and can be disabled by moving a jumper from the "ON" position to the "OFF" position on the back side of the fuse panel. The voltmeter bargraph has 10 LEDs each one represents 0.5 volts from 10.5 to 15.0 volts, a single illuminated LED indicates the voltage level. There is a voltage scale next to each LED on the bargraph to identify the voltage. The voltage of an automotive electrical system will vary typically from 11.5 to 14.5 depending on many factors, but there are limits of operation and conditions that should be avoided. Excessive high voltages are harmful to the battery and the electrical components of the Pantera.

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