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Console Switch Controller

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Minimizes the current through the Fan, Power Window, and Courtesy switches preserving the life without cost of switch replacement and difficulties of sourcing. Starting current of the fan and window motors is 6 to 10 times the running current, reverse voltage at turn-off can be as high as 60 volts causing arcing of switch contacts, detrimental to switch life.
On-board electrical arc suppression devices for motor brushes, this extends brush life and reduces electrical noise.

Provides "Express" window functions, one press to go full down, or an additional press to stop in any mid-position, another press to continue down. The same is true for up, one press to go full up, or an additional press to stop in any mid-position, another press to continue up. The motor current is continuously monitored and stops the window automatically from interfering objects or window mechanism travel stops. Electronic damping of the window switch movements ignore fast intermittent presses from rough road.

Provides 3 user adjustable pre-set fan speeds, 2 speeds from the original fan switch and 1 speed when the A/C is turn on. Fan motor speed control controlled by advanced and very efficient electronic motor control allowing removal of the fire hazard resistor. After the ignition switch is turn "on", fan operation is delayed 12 seconds to allow maximum battery current available for engine starting. 

Compatibility with modern (3) wire after-market fans, just use the highest speed wire and connect the same as the factory fan.

Converts the original courtesy light and additional interior lights to "Theater" or progressive brightness lighting. Opening either door slowly ramps the lighting from off to full brightness and maintains interior lighting after doors are closed for 1 minute. After the 1 minute the lighting slowly ramps from full bright to off. Activation of the driving lights terminates the timer promptly. On-board terminals for additional interior lighting that have grounded sockets for simple one wire per light installation. Outputs for additional lighting in excess of 6 amps, electronic dimming is compatible with incandescent and LED lighting.

Diagnostic on-board LED indicators: for FAN, WINDOW and COURTESY switches including each switch position. Window motor OVER-CURRENT and power READY indicators verify proper operation. The Console Switch Interface does not use current when the car is not in use.

Simple installation, direct connection from the Pantera wire harness to the Console Switch Controller with on-board wire color labels. Six less wires from the Console Switch Controller to the console switches is reduced electronically, this eases the maintenance of the console.

3 control functions are on one electronic control board, yet the functions are electrically separated to maintain use of the individual fuses in the original Pantera electrical system. This means if a problem develops in a window motor and opens the fuse it will not disable the fan or interior lighting.

Compatible with original window regulators and up-graded window regulators.

Keep originality by transparent operation through original Pantera switches and hidden installation.

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