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Radiator Fan Controller

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Efficient proportional fan speed for radiator temperature control, fans consume less power, less load on alternator and battery.

Utilizes power semiconductors to drive (2) fans at 15 amps each, a total of 30 amps or 450 watts and no arcing during turn on or turn off.

Fan operation is delayed 12 seconds to allow starting engine without the fans loading the battery.

LED indicators, "POWER ON", "READY", "AIR FLOW DEMAND", (2) "FANS ON".

Activates amber light in speedometer when fans are ON, flashes amber indicator when the fan fuse is open. 

Ramped fan speed to minimize voltage drops.

Compatible quick disconnect terminals that match the original Pantera wire harness.

Rugged aluminum enclosure, can be painted to match body color.

Only (1) temperature sensor is required, electrically insulated from coolant and radiator, no galvanic action.

Input terminal to enable fans at maximum speed for forward mounted air conditioner condenser.

Simplifies wiring, no wire splices, no additional diodes needed, diodes reduce fan motor voltage 10%.

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