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Headlight and Motor Controller

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Separates lift motor operation from headlight operation, this reduces the operating current to half of the original design.

Removes high current from the headlight switch on console, by electronically controlling the headlights, parking lights and side marker lights, this preserves the headlight switch life.

Removes high current from the headlight high / low beam switch on the steering column by electronically controlling the headlight low and high beams, this preserves the high / low beam switch life.

Removes high current from the headlight mechanism LIMIT switches, this preserves the limit switch life. An unique feature of the Pantera Electronics Headlight / Motor Controller, and a deficiency of the novice relay fixes.

On-board electrical arc suppression device for motor brushes, this extends brush life and reduces electrical noise.

To improve quad HID headlight operation there is an on-board setting to change the function of the low / high beam switch. HID headlights have a warm-up delay before full brightness is attained, this causes a period of low light level when switching from high to low beam. To compensate for this, the function of the high / low beam switch can be altered to keep the low beam headlights ON after switching to the high beam headlights.

On-board LED diagnostic indicators for ease of installation.

Keep originality by transparent operation through original Pantera switch and hidden installation.

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