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Pantera Ignition Switch Controller

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True push-button start function - A single push-button switch for activating the starter motor. The push-button can be activated as many times as necessary without turning the ignition switch "OFF" and back "ON" in order to operate the starter motor.

Interlocked function - After engine starts and idles, the push-button will not allow the starter motor to activate when pressed.

LED lighted push-button - Indicates status:

1) LED light "OFF" - push-button not functional, no action. (Security "ON" push-button start and flashing LED disabled)

2) LED light "FLASHING" - ignition "ON", push-button is ready to activate starter motor.

3) LED light "ON" - engine running, starter motor activation not possible.

Mimics ignition switch functionality by turning Accessories "OFF" when starter motor is activated. Other Push-button systems leave Accessories "ON" loading battery excessively during starter motor activation.

LED light can be separate or integrated into the push-button. Integrated LED push button requires only 1 hole or fits in the dash dimmer control hole.
Recommended push-button switch with integrated blue, green or red LED light ring available from Pantera-Electronics.

Easy installation, only 3 wires are required for any SPST push-button switch with LED light. 

Optional secondary switch for Security function, disables flashing push-button start indicator and starter motor activation.

Utilizes (3) automotive grade relays with individual arc suppression devices that off-load high current from ignition switch contacts, preserves expensive ignition switch. Relay contacts rated for 30 amps.

Eliminates high current through the ignition switch from the following electrical loads:
Engine Ignition System
Fuse #10 - Headlight Motor, Heater A/C Fan
Fuse #11 - Radiator Fan 1
Fuse #12 - Radiator Fan 2, Brake Lights, Back-up Lights, Gauges
Fuse #13 - Drivers Power Window
Fuse #14 - Passengers Power Window

Connections for the Ignition Switch Controller match the Pantera wire harness with color wire labels. Diagnostic LED indicators are on the controller to ease installation.

Does not inhibit the original ignition switch for the starter motor, unless the Security function is enabled. The Security function is selected at installation and can be changed later if desired.

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