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The Seventh Year With #1887

New Pantera East billet wheels

Today, June 12, 2005 is the seventh anniversary of my Pantera purchase. I didnít have any major goals for the Pantera this year but decided to upgrade my original style Pantera East Campy reproductions to the latest Pantera East billet wheels and installed new Dunlop Sport SP8000 tires.

I performed the usual preventive maintenance items, replaced the hydraulic fluids, oil and filter change and this year replaced the battery with an Optima 910 AH battery. I had one unscheduled maintenance event when the front part of the throttle cable came detached from the center console mount when I went to start it one morning. It was an easy fix and I used heavy duty lag bolts to fix the mount.

I donít have any goals for the car during the next year other than the normal preventive maintenance work and having fun with the car. After all these years of owning and driving the Pantera it is still a fantastic experience.