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The Pantera Chassis Brace System

By Mirril McMullen 

If you are interested in high performance handling for your modern day Pantera, sub frames braces are absolutely required because of:

The following are the before and after pictures and information for the rear upper/lower sub frames that I installed on my Pantera #6859.

McMullen Ryland 01.jpg (120564 bytes) McMullen Side Ryland.jpg (124307 bytes)

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These are pictures of my Pantera at a car show in 2001. Notice the Cobra R wheels with the SSII brake kit.

Two weeks after this show (in getting ready for the track), the pressure plate gave out on a test drive. I wrestled with doing a clutch job, or ripping the drive train out to rebuild the engine, ZF transaxle and coat the gas tank.  I decided to go with the complete tear down and rebuild the drive train. In doing the rebuild, I decided to remove the stock welded in cross member and replace with an aftermarket sub frame.

I used the Hall lower, but not the Hall upper because I didn't like the design.  That is why I bought the upper from Byers. I think the lower from Byers is the same as Halls, so you can probably by both from Byers.  I also bought the lower front from Hall, but I haven't installed it yet.

McMullen 05750 07.jpg (79882 bytes)

Picture with the engine and ZF removed before the project started.

McMullen 25866 21.jpg (164135 bytes)

McMullen 05750 16.jpg (67543 bytes)

View of engine bay detail before Installation with the old cross member removed. I used a big cutting wheel to cut that sucker out.

McMullen 05750 19.jpg (63196 bytes) McMullen 73758 05.jpg (78718 bytes) 
McMullen 73758 07.jpg (158550 bytes)

View of the lower frames Installed.  Note the brake line runs over the top of the new cross member.

 McMullen Upper 1.jpg (109647 bytes) McMullen Upper 2.jpg (105256 bytes)

View of the upper frames Installed.  If you look at the lower portion of the bar, there are two pads that are supposed to be welded in. I didn't weld them on.  I just made a pressure fit.  Note the discoloration on the back of the right head. That is because the moron that assembled the engine put the head gasket on backwards (DOOOH!!!!).  Since then, the engine has been rebuilt again and the car is 98% together.