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MP3 and WMA Audio For Your Pantera

By Mike Dailey

If you have been looking for a way to play CDs in your Pantera and you do not have a CD player, a MP3/WMA digital player might be the solution. Creative Labs recently released the smallest MP3/WMA digital player in the world and it could be just what you need to have thirty or more of your favorite recorded tunes for cruising in your the Pantera.  Because the unit is solid state there is no skipping problems on high G loads like the normal CD players.

MP3 2.JPG (37502 bytes)

View of the Creative Labs Nomad MuVo digital player.  The player can Play MP3 files and WMA (Windows Media Audio) files.

MP3 3.JPG (35135 bytes)

The MuVo uses a AAA battery that is inside of the unit on the left and will play for 14 hours on one battery.  The MuVo has an off and on button, skip forward, skip back and volume control buttons.  

MP3 4.JPG (38036 bytes)

The right side of the unit is plugged into the USB port on your computer to down load the tunes.

MP3 5.JPG (41104 bytes)

The Windows Media Player is used to copy selected tunes to the 128 meg of memory in the MuVo.  Windows Media Player can be used to store all of your CDs on your computer system so they are available for loading the MuVo.  In our case we have one central media server that is accessible from all the computers in our house.   The easiest way to load the MuVo is to create a Windows Media Player, play list, of the tunes that you want to load to the MuVo.   Windows Media Player can then load the MuVo with just the tunes you want and in the playing order that you select. 

MP3 1.JPG (36749 bytes)

A tape deck adapter is used to interface to the car stereo system.

MP3 6.JPG (41158 bytes)

View of the adapter plugged into the MuVo.  The MuVo also has a set of head phones too.

MP3 7.JPG (69634 bytes)

Inserting the tape adapter in the tape deck..

MP3 8.JPG (67688 bytes)

View of the MuVo and the Pantera car stereo.  With my car stereo it works best with the MuVo volume control in the highest position.  to learn more about the MuVo stop by  The MuVo can be purchased for about $150 and the tape adapter for $19. at Best Buy.