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The ZF Transaxle  

By Jerry Pentaleri  

Jerry recently completely rebuilt his ZF transaxle and took these outstanding images for his documentation.  While he had it apart he polished each surface on every gear tooth!  Jerry is a master machinist and engineer so do not try this at home.  Mike 

ZF 01.jpg (27955 bytes)

Output Shaft with bearing and fifth gear.

ZF 02.jpg (24810 bytes)

Totally disassembled Input shaft.

ZF 03.jpg (29609 bytes)

Exploded view of input shaft.

ZF 04.jpg (39454 bytes)

Partly reconstructed input shaft (image one).

ZF 05.jpg (38763 bytes)

Partly reconstructed input shaft (image two).

ZF 06.jpg (31452 bytes)

Input shaft with all gears and synchros.

ZF 07.jpg (38284 bytes)

Fully assembled input shaft.

ZF 08.jpg (49666 bytes)

Exploded view of output shaft.

ZF 09.jpg (32769 bytes)

Highly polished ring and pinion gears.

ZF 10.jpg (63591 bytes)

Ring gear assembly.

ZF 11.jpg (57907 bytes)

Ring gear bolts.

ZF 12.jpg (60946 bytes)

Carrier housing.

ZF 13.jpg (61534 bytes)

Limited Slip

ZF 14.jpg (59140 bytes)

Rear case.

ZF 15.jpg (75295 bytes)

Main case.

ZF 16.jpg (98076 bytes)

Input and output shaft assemblies.

ZF 17.jpg (58187 bytes)

Input and output shaft in rear case.

ZF 18.jpg (65145 bytes)

Rear case back view.

ZF 19.jpg (74153 bytes)

Rear case front view.

ZF 20.jpg (71005 bytes)

Main and rear case together.

ZF 21.jpg (73562 bytes)

Ring gear in case (image one).

ZF 22.jpg (69011 bytes)

Ring gear in case (image two).

ZF 23.jpg (70476 bytes)

ZF inverted

ZF 24.jpg (59916 bytes)

ZF top side up.