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Ed Nauman's Pantera Jacking System

By Mike Dailey

One of the challenges of Pantera ownership is finding an easy way to jack up the car for maintenance.  The car was low to the ground when it came from the factory and with the modifications most people make, the car has less than 5" of ground clearance at the sub frames.  Along with the limited space there are really no good locations provided on the underbody for easy jacking of the car.

Ed Nauman solved the problem by fabricating some jack accessories, that fit under the car and work with jack stands.  Ed also modified the height of the jack.  Warning!  If you are not a certified welder do not attempted to fabricate the welded parts without professional supervision.

Nauman Car on Jack.jpg (67615 bytes)

View of Ed's car on the jack stands and the jack in position

Nauman front adapter.jpg (40528 bytes) Nauman front view.jpg (29496 bytes) Nauman Jack and adapters.jpg (37261 bytes) 

View of jack accessories that interlock with the Pantera frame and the jack and jack stands  

 Nauman Top View.jpg (28576 bytes)

View of the jack accessory on the jack

Nauman Jack modification.jpg (52309 bytes) 

View of the modified jack

Ed modified the jack to make it lower and the jack frame to allow more clearance for the channel iron when it is the lowered position.  This was done by notching the side plates of the jack.   Ed did all the cutting with a 3" pneumatic cutoff wheel(s).  The jack is a Harbor Freight $79 special that Ed has been using for about 7 years.