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2001 Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise

By John Holmes

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John Ort's super awesome GT4 Pantera

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1                         2                         3

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#4 Ian Hannington's Yellow Pantera with Bob Timma's burgundy Pantera parked beside it.

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  Holmes WD 10.JPG (60150 bytes)

 #6  That's me on the far left with the Pantera team.


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Cruise action

The Following Photos are by Brian Chomicz

Chomicz WD MVC00018.JPG (29779 bytes)

Lotus Elise

Chomicz WD MVC00024.JPG (28680 bytes)

Bradley GT with doors open while driving

Chomicz WD MVC00025.JPG (194857 bytes) Chomicz WD MVC00026.JPG (185129 bytes)

Pantera Group

Chomicz WD MVC00027.JPG (186505 bytes)

Bob Timma (red / Burgundy) and Ian Hannington’s (yellow) car

 Chomicz WD MVC00034.JPG (175497 bytes) Chomicz WD MVC00033.JPG (40165 bytes)

Dave Rehberg’s car