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The Sixth Year With #1887

Mike's Pantera at the 2003 Atlanta Italian Car Day

Today, June 12, 2004 is the sixth anniversary of my Pantera purchase. I didnít have any major goals for the Pantera this year other than upgrading the power windows to the Ford Aerostar units. I accomplished the window motor upgrade and while I had the windows loose I completed my cat whisker installation by replace the outside cat whiskers.  My "to do" list that Iíve been working for the last six years is complete.

I accomplished the usual scheduled maintenance, including the hydraulic fluid change out, oil change, and transaxle gear lube change.  I had two simple unscheduled maintenance items.  One of the ignition pointsí rub block was wearing and it needed a small adjustment and a broken spring on the clutch arm that is on the outside of the bell housing.  I logged about 515 miles this year.

Again, the absolute pinnacle of the year was having the car win the Peopleís Choice award for the de Tomaso class at the October 2003, Atlanta Italian Car Day (AICD). The show is a lot of fun and I always enjoy meeting and getting to know my fellow Pantera owners in the Southeast.  Pantera International did a wonderful four page spread on #1887 in the Winter 2004, number 117 magazine.

Last year, by acting very fast, I was able to reserve one of the new Georgia seven digit license plates with the name "PANTERA" and I'm awaiting my license renewal in August to have the plate for installation on the car.  

I donít have any goals for the car during the next year other than the normal preventive maintenance work and having fun with the car, but as the year progress Iím sure Iíll think of something new to add!  After all these years the Pantera still amazes me every time I fire it up!