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Far East Panteras

By Hiroshi Kando 

Panteras are a world wide phenomena and the Far East is no exception when it comes to Pantera enthusiast.  On May 19, 2001 the largest Pantera gathering to date was held in Japan.  Thirteen Panteras were present and came from Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama, Shizuoka and Kanagawa.          

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Panteras at the meet in Japan
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Hiroshi Kando's Pantera 

Hiroshi Kando's Pantera is a L based GTS conversion.  The suspension is a Hall aluminum A-arm system with PI coil-overs.  The front tires are 225/45-17 and the back tires are 285/40-18 Pirelli P-zeros.  The engine has about 400hp.  Note the unique design of wheels.

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Hiroshi followed up on the meet by writing and article, "Welcome to endless Pantera world" that covered the Pantera meet for the GENROQ magazine.