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Pantera Insurance

By Mike Dailey

One of the very important things about owning a Pantera is good insurance. When I first bought my 1971 Pantera I just insured it through my State Farm agent with my car and my wife's car. When I started the policy they asked for an appraisal and then insured the car for the appraised value. When I later followed up with the agent they determined that they had made a mistake and could not insure the car for appraised value because it was not old enough. They changed the appraised value to market value and reduce the premium.  As I invested more and more money in the car to make improvements I decided it was time to find a company that could insure the car for a "agreed value" and true value.

The company I chose was a specialized collector car insurance company, Parish Heacock at The liability limit and uninsured motorist limit was the same as my other cars with fire, theft (comprehensive) and collision included.  Zero deductible is included. The value was set at "agreed value" and no appraisal was required.  I determined the "agreed value" by the money that I have invested in the car and the amount of money that I thought it would take to replace the car or to purchase another car in the same condition. I expect that an appraisal would be required if the value was out of the main stream of the value of a fully restored Pantera. The annual mileage is limited to 3000 miles and can only be used for pleasure driving (no commuting to work). Track racing is not covered (not a problem for me).  

It is important that your car is insured at "agreed value" and not "stated value" .  If anything ever happens to your car with "agreed value" insurance the insurance company has agreed in advance and in writing on the value of your car. 

Parish Heacock requires clear photos of all four sides of the car and a photo of the garage where the car is kept. The car must be kept in a enclosed locked garage.  Copies of the proof of State Farm insurance for my other two cars was required. There must be a car insured with you regular insurance company for each driver in the family to prove that the Pantera is not your main mode of transportation.

The cost of the Parish Heacock insurance is about one-half the cost of the State Farm insurance and is paid annually in advance.

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