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Pantera Reliability 

My Pantera is totally and completely reliable and I have invested a lot of money to make it that way.  I have absolutely no mechanical concerns with the car.  I would drive my Pantera absolutely anywhere, anytime, any place, in a heart beat, as long as:

  1. Itís not raining.
  2. The streets are not wet.
  3. No standing water on the road.
  4. Itís not going to rain while Iím driving.
  5. No snow on the road.
  6. Itís not going to snow while Iím driving.
  7. No ice on the road.
  8. No salt on the road.
  9. No salt has been on the road.
  10. No sand on the road.
  11. The roads are all paved.
  12. The road condition is smooth.
  13. The roads have no potholes.
  14. The roads are clean.
  15. The roads are free of ruts.
  16. No loose gravel or rocks on the roads.
  17. No road construction.
  18. No new road paving.
  19. No road oil.
  20. No FOD on the road (wheel weights, etc)
  21. No dust is blowing around.
  22. No foliage or other stuff is blowing around.
  23. Wind conditions are calm.
  24. The weather is not super hot.
  25. The weather is not super cold.
  26. No small bugs are flying around.
  27. No large bugs are flying around.
  28. No small animals on the road.
  29. No large animals on the road.
  30. No animals near the road.
  31. If the car will be parked on this road trip for a few minutes, no other cars can be parked close by, front back or sides (except other Panteras).
  32. Need to be able see the car at all times while it is parked.
  33. If the car will be parked overnight, it must be in my garage or one of my choice.
  34. All the other people on the road are driving Panteras too.
  35. All the other the Pantera owners on this trip have invested a lot of money in their cars too.
  36. My passenger is not like the idiot that slammed my door on his seat belt buckle.
  37. My passenger is not like the idiot that gets fingerprints on the door window or windshield.
  38. My passenger is not like the idiot that gets fingerprints on the door trim.
  39. My passenger has clean feet.
  40. My passenger doesnít want to listen to the radio.
  41. My passenger can figure out how to use the seat belt harness.
  42. My passenger can open and close a Pantera door.
  43. My passenger can fit in the passenger seat.
  44. Letís just forget the passenger, unless they own a Pantera.
  45. The gas stations along the way have 93 octane fuel.
  46. I have my extra supply of 104 octane boost in the trunk.
  47. Not a lot of  braking will be required, as it gets brake dust on the wheels and tires.
  48. There is no speed limit.
  49. The trip will not mess up my insurance annual mileage limit.
  50. Never at night.
  51. The trip is not very long, I donít want to melt my ANSA stickers.

So, there you have it, just a few things to think about and we are on our way!  Letís hit the road!