The NCR 605 Minicomputer

NCR District Specialist General Systems 

During the first few years of the new NCR 605 based systems rollout, the system technical training was extremely detailed and at an engineering level. The training was down to the component level, including micro code, every event during each processor N count, machine programming, etc.  Later on the detailed training was refocused on a higher level card swap philosophy as NCR needed a faster way to get Field Engineers up to speed to support the systems.  

To help support the the Filed Engineers in the field, NCR came up with a new position called the District Specialist.  Each district typically had one specialist for the on-line POS systems (called general systems), EDP and banking systems. The Seattle Distinct was one of the largest geographic districts that included the state of Washington, the Idaho panhandle and Alaska.  Support was also provided to western Canada so there was a good deal of traveling evolved.  The position reported directly to the District Manager. 

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The General Systems District Specialist Position Description